My name is Laura Doolittle. I am a freelance graphic artist, working from home since 1996. Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, I have lived in Kentucky since 1989 and in Lexington since late 1990. I am married to Glenn, who is the coolest husband ever, and we have two boys who are also very cool when they are not getting in to trouble.

I love my church. I love to sing. I love my friends and family. I love sitting on the dock to watch the sun set at Conneaut Lake.

I do not like mushrooms. I do not like mean people. I do not like rude children (including my own sometimes).

I watch too much TV and I am a bona fide email nerd.



  1. Hey Laura D,
    Welcome to the 40’s club. Don’t believe it when they say “40 is the new 30”. It’s not. Enjoy!
    Laura S.

  2. I joined the 40’s club this year in style at BB KINGS Blues Club here in Orlando. I’m feeling better than ever so I hope you are too!

    Hope to catch up with you soon.

  3. Laura – what is your email address?

  4. Laura,
    I discovered that the Indigo Girls were playing on the Belvedere in Louisville June 20 for $5 admission at the Louisville Pride Festival. I remembered you introducing me to their music in the late 80’s or early 90’s before Glenn and you got married. I searched your names on the internet and found this site. I hope you remember “butthead” from Elizabethtown. I now live in White Mills within walking distance of the dam and christian camp where you drove. I am happy to see that Glenn and you have two boys, they are lucky to have you as parents. E-mail if you get a chance.

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