The Answer to Snowhenge

February 10, 2010

Early this morning I saw this in my backyard [click for larger view]…

…and I wondered, what was it for?

Who built it?

Was it a temple to worship some sort of snow god?

The ruins of some sort of ancient Eskimo convention center?

A few hours later, the answer became clear:

[Click here to see the answer to Snowhenge.]



Carry on, then.



  1. Hahahaha1 That’s awesome!

  2. How funny and creative!! Very cute.

  3. Are you sure the abominable snowman didn’t loose his teeth?

  4. Too funny! 🙂
    It’s very strange to see this, when here in MY backyard, the grass is brown from too much heat and too little water, and we are sitting sweltering in the air conditioning…

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