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Some Drawings by Brent

April 2, 2008

It’s Brent’s turn to submit some drawings he did recently. Brent is 11.




Have you seen these buses?

December 29, 2007

…because I haven’t. Which is sad, since I designed the ads on the side of them.

another giant shoe!

a giant shoe!

There are four of these buses driving around Lexington this year, through next July or August I think. And since they have been out on the road, several people at church, plus some other random friends, and even my mother (who only visits here, what, a few days a year?) have spotted them and told me so. But me? No. The best I can say is that the day Mom saw one, she alerted me (while I was driving)… and I got a kind of halfway, sideways, backward glance at one as it was going the other way on New Circle Road.

Oh, well. Still… pretty neat, huh?