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Signs that the children have had enough.

February 25, 2010

It’s a snow day in Fayette County (again!). And this is the best the neighborhood kids could come up with when they went outside today [click for larger view]…

Writing in the snow.

Not sledding. Not building snowmen.

I see it as a cry for help. It’s their way of saying “This? This snow is pathetic! All we can do with it is practice our writing skills. That’s because the layer of snow is so thin that just walking on it goes right through to the grass below. Please, oh please send us to school.”

I know that’s not a direct quote, but I have a special ability to read between the lines.


Snow Day

January 7, 2010

Today was a snow day for Fayette County schools…  the first one of the school year, and probably one in a long line that is forming now. In fact, school had already been called off for tomorrow as well, by late afternoon today. That’s because here in Kentucky, snow is not just snow. It’s an event! A weather phenomenon unlike any we have seen or heard of! With white stuff falling from the sky!

Now, when we woke up this morning to put our youngest son on the bus (we thought), there was no snow on the ground, other than the light remnants of a dusting we’d had a day or two ago. And it was cold… yes it was cold. It has been cold here lately, the kind of cold that has many people making jokes about global warming and how they wish it would come to their neighborhood.

But we had no snow. We had the anticipation of snow. Snow! But nothing had happened yet.

And under these circumstances… Fayette County likes to call off school in a pre-emptive fashion. Because the weathermen said there would be snow! Maybe as much as TWO to FOUR inches!

It did finally snow a bit, and at least it turned out to be enough for the neighborhood kids to do some sledding in our yard. You could still see the grass through the snow in a lot of places, but at least it wasn’t the pathetic amount of snow we had last season. Here are a few photos… click any for a larger view:

[We have a nice hill that runs down our driveway, right into our backyard. Safe for sledders!]

[Brent has no shortage of sweet girls to chat with.]

[Really, we are lucky to have a great bunch of neighbor kids on our street. I’m bummed that Aaron isn’t in this shot… he was inside at the time. But maybe you can spot Brent in the back with his tongue sticking out. Maybe.]

And… at the end of the long day, after all the running in and out and snow boots on and off and water tracked all over the floor… I had this ready for supper! Homemade sourdough bread and chicken noodle soup. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm Good. 🙂


Ice and More Ice

January 27, 2009


Today the kids were out of school again, and legitimately so… there is at least a half inch of ice covering everything outside today. I cannot open my kitchen storm door because of the thick ice on the deck. The boys spent most of the day outside sliding all over our driveway and the  yard with sleds, lawn chairs, snow shovels, and anything else they could find to slide on. The dog is a little bit shy of going outside right now because it’s hard for him to get around.

School has already been called off for tomorrow… there is a prediction of another 2-4″ of ice possible tonight and tomorrow. I guess the boys will be in school until June.

When I opened the front door to snap a couple photos, I could hear that familiar sound that I remembered from the big ice storm we had back in 2003:  the sound of tree limbs creaking and falling under the weight of the ice.

I’m glad we had our power lines buried a few years ago!


Snow Day

January 26, 2009

Sing a song of snow days,

a pocket full of lies…

Four and twenty snowflakes

can cause a big surprise!

When the news was given,

the kids began to sing.

Isn’t this a painful way

To make me long for spring?


It’s that time again (haiku)

December 16, 2008

Brent woke me at six
to ask if school was canceled.
I said, “I DON’T KNOW!”

A moment later
he turned on the morning news
and got his answer.

Why have my children
been up since before sunrise…
well before normal?

It is so that they
could sit around all morning
at home and not school.

I doubt that I will
get very much done today
with the banshees here.

At least there is some
actual snow on the ground
for this occasion.