New stuff.

January 4, 2010

I have just opened up a new blog… actually it’s all my “JogBlog” posts, imported into one place together, so that I can keep a blog that is dedicated to my jogging endeavors. Please check it out at “Cow To 5K.” There is a new post from today’s workout at the top! Eventually I’ll probably delete the JogBlog posts from this site, to clean things up a bit.

I did my best to explain these exciting changes to Brody, but this was the only reaction I got from him:



  1. Curly tongue, curly tongue!! (at least that’s what we say to Lucy!!)

  2. OMG – Lucy sleeps with a handmade quilt!! In order to go to sleep at night, she has to be tucked in!! Aren’t they sooo cute – such personalities.

  3. TWO blogs? Gosh, I can’t imagine ANYONE needing two blogs. Heh heh heh. . . .

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