JogBlog: Week 9, Day 2

December 30, 2009

We’re in the home stretch!

I didn’t completely finish the workout today. But, I came pretty close and I’m not too concerned with coming in a little short. For one thing, I spent 3+ hours this morning putting away Christmas decorations at my church. This involved — and I’m just estimating here — something like 1.2 million trips up and down two flights of stairs (one to the second floor, one more up to the attic). And those trips up and down were done bearing seven Christmas trees, six cinder blocks, fi-i-i-i-ive million bows , four hundred flowers, three thousand lights, two wooden tables and o-o-one Baby Jesus. 🙂 Amen.

So anyway, after my three-hour workout at church this morning, I didn’t feel too badly about crediting some of that sweat as time served this afternoon.

My husband wanted to jog with me again, and so did Brody, so we all headed out of the house at about 2:45. I decided to try running the neighborhood again, but this time I thought we’d take a different route that we have walked many, many times in the past. The mileage was about right, and even though I knew there would be a lot of hills I decided it was worth a try.

The beginning was the same as on Monday, with a couple good-sized hills early on. As we continued with the new route, we got to add another even bigger hill (down and then UP) before turning and leveling out somewhat. I just listened to the music, noting when each song finished and estimating the time remaining in the run.

We jogged past the house of someone we know, and I hoped that they were not looking out the windows just then. If they were, I’m sure I’ll hear about it soon. Something like “hey! I saw you guys walking past our house the other day… or maybe you were jogging. Were you walking or jogging?”

On some of the quieter streets, I jogged on the sidewalk while Glenn jogged a few feet away on the asphalt with the dog at his side. I got a good look at Brody while I was running and I am sorry to say that he was barely trotting. Not breaking a sweat. Just sort of speed-walking along while we were huffing and puffing and trying not to keel over.

I knew we were past halfway, probably into about the 18th or 19th minute, and we were on a straightway with a very slight uphill incline… and I told Glenn I needed to walk a minute. I’ve pushed through worse, but right then I just wanted to walk briefly. I am sure I walked for a minute or less, caught my breath a bit, and started jogging again. So there was a mini-fail in there somewhere… but again… lots of stair climbing this morning. For three hours. Is all I’m saying.

So we kept jogging, and I had an choice of direction at one point… one way would be a little longer and would for sure get us the mileage we needed for a full 30 minute workout, and the other way was a little shorter and I knew we might be cutting it close (ending the run a shade early).  I chose the shorter route today. In my mind, I had just resorted to walking once, I was tired and still thinking about all those stairs from this morning, and I just wanted to get back to the house and be done. Not in a giving up kind of way. Just an “I-don’t-want-to-do-anything-extra-today” kind of way.

We turned onto a street where, when we walk this route, we usually race each other for the distance of one certain block. I contemplated sprinting at that spot, but again…. STAIRS. The memory of stairs.

We turned a corner and jogged past the house of another family that we know well. I’m pretty sure there was no one home at the time, looking out the windows at us. At least I hope so.

Finally we are ready to turn onto the main road through our subdivision. At this point we are at the top of a long hill, so I got to enjoy a little relief while coasting down for a few minutes. We are maybe half a mile away from our house. I can tell from what point I am at in the play list that we are going to finish a little short of 30 minutes. I do not care.

Now… the finish. Before we can get back to the house, where I can finally sit down and relax and stretch a bit and only go up and down stairs if I choose to, we have to go UP one more hill. And this particular hill is one that I hate. I hate it even when walking, because it isn’t very long but it is fairly steep. It’s a hill that I have tried conquering in different ways over the years: walking slowly, jogging, and even sprinting (to get it over with quickly?). But each of those methods usually results in me keeling over at the top, trying to catch my breath long enough to yell “HEELLLLLP” to whomever will listen. AND to make things even more fun, the way you get to this hill is that you are already jogging up a little incline, and then you have to turn 90º and face the monster. I think there is almost nothing worse than climbing a hill, starting to feel tired, and then having to turn and continue to climb up more of a hill. Are you with me?

So we get to the turn, and I head up the hill, and I’m jogging very slowly and steadily. I’m looking down at the sidewalk so I don’t see how far I have to climb. I’m wondering if I can jog slowly enough to survive the hill and stretch this run out for the full 30 minutes… I’m maybe 1/10 of a mile from the house, but it seems so far away…

Meanwhile, Glenn and Brody have gone onto the street and are trotting up the hill at a nice, even clip. It could be because they didn’t spend their morning schlepping boxes up and down stairs. Or, it could be because they don’t care about me. I can’t guess.

I finally reach the top, and turn toward my house… just 3 houses away… going a little bit downhill now… realizing that the music isn’t going to be over when I get there… just wanting to be home… .. watching as Glenn releases Brody’s leash and lets him run like a greyhound toward the kids who are playing in our front yard… and then I reach our driveway!


I check my iPod and see that I’m about two minutes away from the end of the music. Which means about a minute and a half away from the actual 30-minute mark. And if you factor in my brief walking sojourn, I’m guessing that I jogged a total time of 27:30.

Good enough.

One more day left in 2010, and one more workout for me to complete the ninth and final week of Couch-to-5K. I’m still not reaching the 5K distance, but I know I can jog about 30 minutes at a time, which is a far cry from where I was at the beginning of November! Now I can either work on getting faster, or jogging a little longer to reach the 5K distance.

But right now, it’s time to sit down. Or lie down…. somewhere that is a good distance away from the nearest flight of stairs.



  1. Your run sounds like the run I had in my mother’s neighborhood, with all the mountains. Awesome job, i agree the fact that you are running longer than 3 minutes is amazing, give yourself a pat on the back. i run tomorrow and am dreading it.

  2. Hey Laura, great blog as usual. I loved the bit about your neighbour asking you whether you were walking or jogging, because I have had THE SAME QUESTION, but for real, when I have been jogging/walking past a neighbour very early in the morning…she is a really lovely person, and didn’t really mean to be insulting! 🙂

  3. One of my favorite mottoes is “good enough is good enough.” Overall, if you’re not a slacker (and I’m sure you’re not!), good enough IS good enough!! Great job!

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