JogBlog: Week 7, Day 3

December 18, 2009

[With sincerest apologies to Clement Moore.]

‘Twas a week before Christmas, and seemed a fine day
to do my next workout for Couch-to-5K.
I decided to try out a new place to run
to see if it might make the workout more fun…
so up did I bundle (because it was cold)
and hopped in my car and drove down the road.
My iPod was synced up with songs that might keep me
from losing steam, running Week Seven Day Three.
I started the warm-up with Sting in my ear,
and we walked on the moon without shedding a tear…
but then when the second tune started to play
I knew it was time for the long run today.
So I quickened my steps and was trotting along
and listening to Styx as they sang me a song.
I hadn’t gone far when I came to a place
where a sizable hill stared me right in the face,
and just for a moment I wished I was back
with BNH looming on that other track!
But I threw myself forward and on up the hill
with little else pushing but sheer force of will.
The next several minutes are not too specific:
I jogged even though I did not feel terrific.
A trio of ladies I passed on the way—
it was evident they didn’t have much to say.
And then I was wondering how far I’d run,
and shouldn’t this third song be just about done?
I knew there were five songs I had to get through
before I could get to the cool-down, but, phew!
I was already starting to run out of gas.
Already! When not fifteen minutes had passed!
“Call Me The Breeze” had just finished playing
and I wanted to scream out “I blow!” [I’m just saying.]
With each passing stride I was growing distraught
and wanted to walk. “Why not give up?” I thought.
But keeping my two feet in motion instead,
I kept pushing forward, and looking ahead,
and telling myself “if you jog this much more,
you just might be able to get through song four.”
And thankfully then, as the ground got more even
I got a brief chance to catch up on my breathing.
The fourth song was playing, and nearing its end,
and I hoped that the fifth song would be my new friend…
it started to play, and I must tell you now
that this wasn’t the best day for old “Running Cow.”
If there had been even one more hill of note
for me to ascend, that would be all she wrote.
But, lucky for me, the worst was behind me
and knowing that just a few minutes would find me
at the end of my run, I pressed on ahead.
Then finally, when I was just about dead
I heard the last notes of that precious fifth ditty
and let out a gasp, [and it didn’t sound pretty]
and I knew I was done, or at least I was close…
I ended a few seconds early, at most.
And then it was time for the cool-down to start:
a time that has grown near and dear to my heart!
So I turned to head back toward my car in the lot
and Kool and the Gang sang me there with “Too Hot.”
I got to my car, had some water to drink,
and looking to next week, I started to think,
if twenty-five minutes was so hard to meet
how will I do three more minutes next week?

[I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. See you Monday!]



  1. Laura- love your blog. I look forward to reading it everyday after my run.

    Yikes! That hill! What should we call it- the mother of all BNH’s (Big Nasty Hills)?! LOL

    Today the last few minutes were a bit rough for me but knowing I had to check-in with you and Celeste helped to keep me going!

    We got through Week 7, we’ll get through Week 8 together!

  2. EXCELLENT!!!! Best blog ever. I laughed through the whole thing.

  3. love it. so creative and fun to read! yay week 7 done!

  4. Laura you ROCK!!!! Your postings are SO fun to read, be they C25k or just life stuff. Love it. But THIS… this was “da bomb!”

    You really should write a book with the chronicles of your becoming a runner in your 40s (is it ok that I outed our ages?). I think it’s truly inspirational! And you have this tall girl inspired to do it in 2010!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas!!!!

  5. Awesome! Very funny! And great job on completing week 7!

  6. LOVE IT!!!

  7. awesome entry. your best yet! Way to go. It was soo much harder this time for me! Week 8 here we come. I will be running Monday, WEdnesday and next Monday again for week 8 because we will be out of town and Christmas celebrations. keep it up.

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