JogBlog: Week 6, Day 2

December 9, 2009

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

On Monday, I ran in a light snow.

On Tuesday it rained here. All day. Rain like you read about in the papers. All day rain. Rain rain rain. Cold nasty wet dreary rain. So last night I looked out the window and listened to the rain still coming down and thought, do I have to run in the rain on Wednesday morning? Because I really didn’t want to.

But, no! This morning I woke up to no rain. Instead, today is all about wind. We are supposed to get wind gusts as high as 60 mph at some point today. So, as my husband and I like to say when we look out at a blustery day… it was very “blowy” out there. Blowy and sucky.

At least the temperature wasn’t bad. It was around 50º when I headed out. I wore my compression shirt and a technical material shirt over top. Also a lightweight pair of cotton gloves. So I was a little chilly at first because of the wind, but I knew that once I started running I’d be plenty warm.

Cue podcast. Stretch. Wait for Robert to explain the workouts for week 6. Realize that he misspeaks once or twice about how long certain intervals are. No matter, really. The warmup walk begins.

Today there are no work trucks to block my path. Today there is no snow or rain falling. Today there is just wind. Big puffy grey clouds fight with the sun as it gets higher. I’m wearing my sunglasses because when the sun does peek from behind the clouds, it’s pretty bright. Also because maybe I don’t want to be recognized by anyone today. And we all know sunglasses can completely disguise you. In your mind, at least.

So Robert cues me for my first 10-minute interval. I take note of the starting point for that interval so I can estimate my running pace later. The beginning of the run seems not too bad… I’m not as stiff and clunky as usual when starting out (maybe because it’s warmer today?). And then I head straight for Big Nasty Hill (BNH), with all it’s bigness and nastiness.

And I huff and I puff and I put down my head and I plow up the hill. Have I mentioned in the past how much I hate that hill? If the hill had a fan page on Facebook I would definitely not join it. Unfriend!

Just as I’m cresting the hill, Robert indicates that 5 minutes have passed so the Day One People can switch to walking. Ah, the happy times of being a Day One Person. I remember them like they were two days ago.

So right at this point, after I have a few seconds to catch my breath from BNH, and the ground starts to level out some, I start to feel pretty good. I think this is my favorite part of the track. I’ve just conquered the hill, I’m finding my stride, my breathing is going OK. I’m conscious of two police cruisers parked in a nearby lot, clearly positioned so the drivers can chat for a bit while on a break. I’m wondering if they notice the cow running by. And I’m feeling good enough just then that I can totally feign the nonchalance of a dedicated runner. Yes officer, I was just out for my morning run, how are those doughnuts?

My hands were getting pretty warm, so I pulled my gloves off and just held them as I pressed on.

As I continue around the loop I start to guess my pace. I am getting a little farther along than I expected, distance-wise, this time. By the time Robert cues me to take my walk break, I can see that I was pretty close to my original starting point (on the one-mile loop). I am pretty sure my pace was very close to an 11-minute mile on that first run! So, that was nice.

So I walked for three minutes. Since I was pocketless today, I briefly thought I would tuck my gloves in the back of the waistband of my running tights. That didn’t work out very well. My hands weren’t as hot as before, so I just put the gloves back on.

Cue the last run interval… 10 more minutes. And I was incorrect on Monday when I said the Day Three People would finish their run first. It is actually the Day Two People who will complete their last run before the other people do.

Boy, was I glad for that.

As I trudged up BNH on my second round, I was really feeling it. Slow and old and tired and old and arthritic and OLD and ready to be done.

I was looking forward to cresting the hill and then hitting that favorite part of the track again. But the magic wasn’t there this time. I caught my breath a bit, but I was fighting hard to keep going. I wasn’t feeling good. I listened as Robert was giving more hints about how much longer I had to go.

I trudged on, wanting very badly to stop. I was operating on sheer willpower at this point. Stubbornness and pride, not wanting to give up because I was getting so close to the end – and because I hadn’t failed to complete a workout yet. In six weeks I had managed to complete every challenge, but suddenly today I was seriously thinking about cutting it short.

Cue: two minutes to the end of the run. Bless you Robert Ullrey. And also, curse you Robert Ullrey! Why couldn’t it be one minute left?

Huff puff huff puff huff puff.

For the second time, I passed the original marker from where I had started my first run interval. So I ran just over 2 miles in 23 minutes (20 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking).

Several yards past it, Robert finally says “OK Day Two! You are done…” and so I stopped running.

I felt that horrible fatigue that makes you feel sick to your stomach. I immediately turned so that I could take the shortest distance back to my car for the cool down. And $#@^%$# if I didn’t have to head up a hill to get there.

I got to the car a little before the cool down was officially over. I didn’t care. This was a bad day.

I drove home pondering whether I need to change my strategy for Friday’s run. I’m supposed to go 25 minutes straight. I may have to try switching to the treadmill to give myself a little break.

We’ll see.



  1. feel you! The last 2 minutes I wanted to just quit but i haven’t repeated any workouts either, but I am seriously considering redoing this one before i do 25 straight. Awesome job to you.

  2. Keep on sistah! You are an inspiration:) I just did my first shred today and plan to continue and hopefully reincorporate my treadmill running into my weekly workout schedule. I envy your running outside, but I am too much of a wimp to run outside here in Chicago 😛 especially in the winter!

  3. You did it! That is all that matters. Some days I run ten miles and feel like I could have kept going, other days I run 6 and want to die.

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