JogBlog: Week 5, Day 2

December 2, 2009

I’m ru-u-u-u-nning in the rain,
Just ru-u-u-u-nning in the rain!
What a glo-o-orious feeling….

OK I won’t go that far!

My son came into our room this morning asking for a ride to the bus stop because it was raining. Raining? “Oh, no,” I thought to myself, “I need to do my next C25K workout this morning!”

I looked out the window and saw the rain hitting the cars in the driveway. Boo hiss.

I briefly considered trying to do the workout downstairs on our treadmill.

But, I decided I needed to try to run outside at the park again. If I did the treadmill, I’d spend too much time fretting over what speed I should be going at what time, and I wouldn’t really be able to watch TV because I would need to be listening to my podcast. I didn’t want to think about jogging on the treadmill, staring at the wall, listening to the podcast today. I’ll save the treadmill for days when I have longer runs and don’t need to be listening for cues so much.

It was 43º outside. I wore my Under Armor long sleeve compression shirt with another lightweight running shirt over top (made with “technical material” which I figure wouldn’t weigh me down as much when it got rained on). I put on my “Life is Good” ball cap, maybe in hopes that it would send subliminal messages to my brain. Also because it’s the only cap I have that will stay snug on my head when jogging.

I drove to the park. It looked deserted today. That’s probably because all the “real” runners can wake up on a day like this and say “oh, I”ll run tomorrow instead.”  But I don’t feel like I have that luxury… I don’t want to interrupt the magical training formula that has gotten me this far.

I parked my car. Turned off the windshield wipers. Heh. Got my podcast cued up and then there was nothing left to do except get out of the car and begin!

I did some light stretching while Robert introduced himself once again and explained what the Week 5 workouts would entail. And then the inevitable, “so if you’re ready, let’s begin with our brisk walk…”

I walked and thought about whether I should have worn ear muffs. I thought about whether my iPod was protected enough inside the armband holder. I wondered if a light rain falling on my earphones could electrocute me. And then they would find me lying along the track hours later, with my “Life is Good” hat with the little dog holding the marshmallow over the campfire. And they would say “why was she running in the rain?”

Right about the time my first 8-minute interval was to begin, I saw one lone woman walking her two dogs along the track. She was wearing a warm jacket with a hood, strolling along. Didn’t really have a chance to say hello as I was being cued to run just then, but I managed to smile at her as I took off.

Usually the first interval of jogging feels pretty good. Today was different. There wasn’t a whole lot of spring in my step, or at least it didn’t feel like it. It seemed to be taking a while to get warmed up. But I trudged on and it got a little better.

Then of course, all the mind games. I make all sorts of mental notes while I’m jogging. I am guessing where I would be on the track when 8 minutes was over. I am guessing what the actual measured distance would be. I’m thinking about whether I really do jog more slowly than I walk. I know it’s not actually true… but it sure feels like it sometimes!

Robert’s voice comes in and tells the Day One People that their 5-minutes is up and they can walk for 3 minutes now. Curse the Day One People! Today, I am a Day Two Person. I keep jogging. I’m on a gentle uphill slope, of course. I consider whether I should start jogging around the other direction after today… .maybe it would be better for me to deal with Big Nasty Hill once in a while instead of the longer bouts of gradual inclines that I get when I go this direction. Sigh. Decisions, decisions.

Finally, Robert’s voice pipes in and tells me that I finished my first 8-minute run! God bless you, Robert Ullrey. You always know just the right thing to say. So I walk again, this time for 5 minutes.

I kind of wished I was back on Monday doing three 5-minute intervals instead of two longer ones. But then I told myself that now I only have one more interval to do today, and then the hard part will be over. See how the masterminds behind Couch-to-5K have structured this program? They make you think you can do anything.

My cue for the second (and last) run came at almost the same point on the loop as the first one had begun. Just a little beyond it. So I started running and then figured out that my pace of walking and running combined is about a 13-minute mile. And based on the distance I covered just during my 8-minute run, I’d say my running pace is about a 12 minute mile. So there’s not much difference between the two. So I really don’t run much faster than I walk! See? Proof.

Ohhh, boy was I getting tired at the end of that interval. The last 3 minutes or so I was on that incline again. I was really, really working hard to talk myself out of stopping to walk. I got to the top of the incline and Robert pops in to tell the Day Three People that their 20-minute run is over! And the rest of us schleps have a minute left to finish our running. Thankfully, I got to go downhill just a little bit right then, which is probably what kept me moving. As I headed back uphill again, I finally got the cue that my run was over.

I let out an audible groan this time, as I slowed down to walk. I was cold and wet. The rain was still falling, and there was a bit of a wind hitting me up there at the top of Big Nasty Hill.

Boy was I glad that was over.

About 30 seconds later I had caught my breath and was feeling OK walking at my brisk pace. Feeling good, but not good enough to jog another interval just then.

After the cool down was over, and I got back to my car, I thought how much I would really like to hit Starbucks for a hot chocolate. But I talked myself out of it, saying that instead, I will get myself a hot chocolate on Friday… if and when I complete my Day 3 workout…

Day 3, with its 20-minute jog and no walks.




  1. I just joined c25k fansite on Facebook which is where I found your blog. I just read the whole thing, and it’s making me excited about starting the program myself. I have to run on an indoor track, where I live I’m surrounded by STEEP hills. I’m hoping to one day be able to tackle those hills, but for right now I just want to jog without feeling like I’m going to throw up! I look forward to reading more about your journey!

  2. You write so well. Totally know how you feel. Did the 20 min and thought I was going to die the last 5 min. My body was able to do it, it was more my breathing and mind that was hindering me. You can do it. If I can anyone can. Best of luck.

  3. You are so much braver than I! I did most of the C25K on the treadmill and moved outside a month or so ago. The cold has stopped me from going out several times. Rain! You are a trooper!

  4. Well, if you can do it in the middle of winter I can do it in what is meant to be my summer. Your rainy day run sounded alot like mine. Keep it up 🙂

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