JogBlog: Week 4, Day 3

November 27, 2009

Most people celebrate Black Friday by heading out for holiday shopping. I celebrated by going to the park and doing W4D3.

Circumstances were trying to work against me.

The morning after Thanksgiving. The morning after lots of turkey and pie.

It was cold. There was wind. I started my warmup walk. A couple minutes in, I went to turn up the volume on my iPod just a little. Instead, I accidentally advanced the podcast to the next track.

The Adrian Monk in me cursed. It sounded something like this: “%$!*&@#”  But don’t worry, Mom, I didn’t say anything out loud :).

OK, at least it was only the warmup walk. No big deal, I told myself. I skipped the music backward and walked for what I estimated to be the remainder of my warmup time, then jumped back ahead to the beginning of the first 3-minute run.

Not too bad. Robert said I was doing great. He should know, he’s been coaching me for 4 weeks now.

The 5-minute run came and went. It was cold. My face was cold. My thighs were cold (probably could have worn two layers of running tights this time). The wind was cold. I was on a gradual incline almost the entire time. I worked hard to try to pace myself. I felt slow.

I have noticed that this week, the timing and distance of the workouts are such that both 3-minute intervals start in nearly the exact same spot on the track (a 1-mile loop). Same thing with the 5-minute intervals. This is not critical information. This is just an example of what I think about while I’m jogging. And it’s one way that I can gauge whether I’m maintaining my usual pace.

Here’s another thing I do when I’m jogging. How many of you run on a loop shared by other walkers/joggers? I spend a lot of time noting who I pass at what point on the loop… and then I try to guess when I will pass them again and see how accurate I am.

It pains me to pass “real” runners on the trail when I happen to be on a walking interval. Because I don’t want them to think that I’m just walking. I want them to know that I am jogging, too! I want to tell everyone “hey! I’m doing this training program, and it’s interval training, and even though I’m walking right now I will be jogging in a minute, and you would be really impressed with me if you knew how far I’ve come. And someday I will be in the cool club just like you, the club of people who go jogging. Joggers. Someday I will be a jogger.”


Because right now, Week 5 looms ahead… Week 5 with it’s three different workouts… Week 5 with it’s progression from three 5-minute runs to one 20-minute run, all in one week. I am told by all my running friends that I should not think ahead. I am supposed to just concentrate on finishing today’s workout, and nothing else. Good advice I suppose… but hard to follow sometimes.

See you Monday morning!


One comment

  1. You are doing an awesome job! You will be a runner! I finished the program in May, and now I am training for a half marathon! I ran 10 miles without stopping last Monday, something I would have thought impossible. You can do this, and any other thing you put your mind to!

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