JogBlog: Week 4, Day 2

November 25, 2009

This morning I had an unexpected treat… my husband decided to jog with me! Doesn’t seem quite fair that I’ve been working for  a month trying to get to where I am, and he can just jump in and go along with me on week 4, but I was glad for the company. I warned him that I would be going pretty slowly, and taking my cues from the podcast, so he’d just have to follow along. He didn’t seem to mind. He’s not really a runner either, but he has always been more able to jog for longer distances at a time than I am.

It was a beautiful morning! Cloudless sky, a bit chilly (the way I like it for jogging) and dry. We got out of the car and I put the earphone in one ear so I could hear good old Robert telling me what to do. I just passed the cues on to Glenn as we went along… “ok, this is the five-minute warmup walk… ok, time for the first three-minute jog, are you ready?…” and so on.

There was a bit of a cold wind at times, especially on certain parts of the track, but in spite of that I think today’s workout went more smoothly than Monday’s. Still, by the time I got to the last long run, I found myself wondering how in the world they expect me to run 20 minutes straight by the end of next week. It’s really easy to think about how tired I am, and it’s really easy to want to slow down and walk instead of toughing it out for the full interval time.

That being said, I did complete the workout again today, and I am assuming I’ll be able to complete it again on Friday. Of course,  at that point I’ll probably be in some kind of food hangover from Thanksgiving, so maybe day 3 will be harder than I think!

The distance thing is still a bit of a downer… according to the official plan, if you add up the suggested distances for each interval you get a total of 2 miles (not including the distance you cover during your warmup and cool down walks). The distance I cover from the beginning of the warmup to the end of the cool down is about  2 1/4 miles by my best guess, and I’m sure I walk much farther than 1/4 mile in 10 minutes… my walking pace would typically be more like 3/4 of a mile for that amount of time. So there is definitely room for me to improve my speed. BUT, as everyone constantly reminds me, the distance and speed will get better and better over time. Right now I’m supposed to just be happy with the fact that I’m jogging for long and longer amounts of time without stopping.

I’m curious about how many people have completed C25K and were jogging the right amount of time but still not reaching the 3.1 miles distance. Did you just keep trying to go faster, OR did you keep trying to increase your jog time in order to finish the distance? Please leave a comment on the blog and let me know your experience.



  1. As a painfully slow runner myself, I went back & forth on this, changing my mind from week to week. In the end, I decided to finish the C25K as written for time (not distance) and then if I was still way behind in the distance, then I would add on extra weeks after week 9 to increase my distance. In my opinion, the training program is flawed since most runners doing C25K cannot run a 10 minute mile within 9 weeks of getting their butt off the couch!

    My first 5K since starting the C25K is tomorrow. My C25K blog is here if you want to check it out: http://effieruns.blogspot.com. Good Luck on W5D3! 🙂

  2. My distance is horrible. Like Effie, I just want to finish the time, worry about distance later. I am not sure how to begin increasing my speed and am considering going back to the treadmill so I can step it up there first to train myself to run at a faster speed before I do so on the street.

  3. Laura,
    training is like winding a toy up which you let go on race day. I am the king of psyching myself out from training distance wondering if I can complete the FULL distance on race day. You never have to run the full distance in training that you want to run on race day, so don’t worry about it…if you can run 15 minutes, you can definitely run 5 more on Race Day… 🙂 2 pieces of advice for race day, actually 3: 1.) work VERY hard to run slow for the first 5-10 minutes and do NOT try to keep up with anyone – run YOUR pace no matter what. 2.) Run with someone else or make a friend with someone that is running the pace you want to run on race day (after the first 5-10 min) 3.) RELAX and ENJOY the race day and just have fun and finish…you’ll always enjoy the memory of your FIRST race..I sure do.

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