JogBlog: Week 4, Day 1

November 23, 2009

Monday morning… dreary, overcast, a very slight drizzle. What is up with Mondays? Throw in the fact that I didn’t do any sort of exercise on Saturday other than housecleaning, and Sunday was full of church activities and then a big pot luck meal late yesterday afternoon… and I was a little scared at the thought of my C25K workout this morning.

The temperature, at least, was nice… I think it was 49 or 50º when I got to the park. I put the earphone in my ear and fired up the podcast. Robert Ullrey starts telling me that it’s week 4, and we’re going to lengthen our runs this week, and blah blah blah “so if you’re ready, let’s begin…”  He says that every time — “if you’re ready.” And this morning I thought, how do I know if I’m ready? I have my running shoes on… is that all it takes? Ha ha.

So, I just acted like I was ready, and started the warm-up walk. Then came the first jog interval… three minutes…

OK I can do three minutes. I know that from last week’s workouts. No big deal. Trying to pace myself. Robert even warns me to “take it easy, we have a lot more running to do.”

Soon enough, I get my cue to walk for 90 seconds. Ahhh, this isn’t so bad. But then before I know it, old Robert is saying it’s time for my first 5-minute run. He says he’s slowed the pace of the music down a little to help “us” get through it a little easier. Thanks, Robert 🙂 .  And then off I go!

Long story short, I made it through the 5-minute run without too much trouble. Just tried to keep the feet moving one in front of the other, even though at times I’m sure it was embarrassingly slow. I mean… people watching me are probably thinking, “is she jogging? Or is she walking? If she walked instead of jogged, she’d probably get to wherever she is going more quickly.”

The second 3 minute jog came and went, I was in a nice spot on the track for that one where I even had a slight downhill slope to jog on.

Then it was time for the last 5 minute jog. Robert’s voice floats in and tells me that I can push it a little bit since it’s the last run. Ha ha.

So I start my jog and it’s going OK, but I am getting a little tired. And as fate would have it, I’m on a slight incline for a good portion of the time. But I plug along and finally get to the part where Robert pops in and say I have ONE MORE MINUTE to go and I’m doing great (how does he know?) and I can really push it now…

But here’s the killer: The last minute of that last run, I was just about to head onto a hill (not as steep as Big Nasty Hill, but not a hill I wanted to see at the very end of my last run). And lo and behold, up ahead of me are three folks out for their morning walk. Walking three abreast, leaving no passing lane. I’m wondering if I will reach them before the interval finishes..

My legs are crying a little bit for me to stop… time is ticking down slowly… I’m gaining on them… should I try to pass them or not?… I’m running uphill… I’m waiting for Robert to cue me to stop… one of the walkers hears me coming and moves over to let me pass… I have no choice now… as far as they know, I’m a “real” jogger out for her morning run… I mean, I really don’t want to get stuck in stride with them for very long, or they’ll figure out that it’s all a sham… they’ll say, “look out, here comes Running Cow”… so I force myself to speed up enough to pass them as I’m going UP THAT HILL.

And just a few yards past them on the track is where Robert finally tells me that I’m done. And I’m sure they are still watching me from a few yards behind. So you know, I play it off like it’s just any other day, and I am big stuff, and I just finished my morning jog and now I’m going to stop and cool down. Yeah.

Hey… I did it!

Not with any particular style today. Not with any great feeling that I did really well and am getting used to this jogging thing.

But I did it and I lived to tell about it!


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