JogBlog: Week 3, Day 3

November 20, 2009

This morning was sunny, chilly, and dry… sounds like great conditions for a jog at the park! I know, right? So I put on my cool weather jogging stuff and headed over with high hopes for a great finish to the week.

I have little to say, other than that it went well! I’m still only covering about 2 miles of distance over all (seems low) and thinking that next week will be a tough one (jog intervals increase from 3 to 5 minutes for the longer runs), but today pretty much went off without a hitch.

I can see the mind games they are playing with you with this Couch to 5K thing. I mean… there was one point today when I finished one of the shorter (90 second) jog intervals and thought, was that it? Was it over already? So the longer (3 minute) intervals, while still a challenge, have suddenly — in only 3 workouts’ time — become more attainable. And now I think about next week when my minimum jog time will be 3 minutes, and the new thing will be the longer 5-minute intervals… and my brain is actually trying to convince the rest of me that it will be no big deal!

How did that happen?

Still, I look at next week and ponder a few other things I’ll have to deal with. Apart from  the unpredictable weather conditions in late November, I will also be dealing with the Thanksgiving holiday. You know, that holiday that involves a pretty good deal of eating, not to mention a lot of lying around? And pie.

But I’m ready to try it. Ready to see if the mind games will continue to do their magic. Ready to see if Monday morning’s workout will be as rough as this past Monday’s was. Ready to continue to try to put my feet one in front of the other and finish the workouts.

Forward, ho!

One comment

  1. Way to go Laura. You can do it! We’ll miss you guys this Thanksgiving! Love, Mom

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