JogBlog: Week 3, Day 2

November 18, 2009

I was looking forward to doing another workout today, but was also apprehensive. Monday’s workout was not my best, and I have been concerned that I might already be pushing my limits with this jogging thing.

Woke up this morning to an overcast, chilly, drizzly day. I decided to go ahead to the park instead of doing the treadmill, though, because it wasn’t raining when I was getting ready.

In fact, it didn’t rain…

…until I got to the park, got out of the car, and was about 20 seconds into my warmup walk. I was listening to my podcast music but I kept hearing this light patter or crackling type of sound. The sound of rain drops hitting the leaves and the ground. Sigh.

But, I’d already started and didn’t want to stop. It was chilly but not too cold, so I kept on.

I started at a different point in the track today, and also went around “the wrong way” (opposite of how I usually go) again in order to avoid the steep uphill climb of Big Nasty Hill. You see, if you go clockwise around the track, you have to climb Big Nasty Hill and it can become a big obstacle, sometimes right when you are already thinking about throwing in the towel. But if you go counterclockwise, you get to go down that big hill, and the rest of the track is a mix of more level ground and then more gradual inclines, which are easier for me to deal with right now.

Anyway,  I think the direction and the different starting point made a difference, because today went MUCH more smoothly than Monday. Still challenging, still lots of things going through my head while I jog, like

  • shouldn’t he be cuing me to walk yet?
  • how far have I gone?
  • where will I be on the track when this workout is finished?
  • am I covering the same distance as my previous workout?
  • what if I’m not?
  • how will I ever jog an entire three miles?
  • why don’t I just walk instead?
  • isn’t walking good for you?
  • what will I have for breakfast?… oh, there’s my cue to walk. Finally!

So I finished the workout, the whole thing totaling just about two miles. I am a little bummed right now because fast-walking 3 or 4 miles is really no big thing for me, and I feel like I ought to be covering more distance than I am… but I’m afraid to push too hard for fear of spoiling the magic formula that might actually get me to my goal in several more weeks.

Yes, if I am able to keep up the workouts on schedule, the theory is that I will be jogging a 5K right about the first week of January.



One comment

  1. Week 3 is the week that people have said on blogs is when they start getting discouraged and questioning if they will ever make it. Hang in there and just keep doing what you are doing. It will work, I promise. Just follow what Robert says and you will get there. Remember, you can repeat weeks, if one turns out to be especially difficult; no harm in that.

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