JogBlog: Week 3, Day 1

November 16, 2009

Another beautiful fall morning… not sure how many of these are left, but I’m enjoying them while I can. I decided to go in the opposite direction this morning because I could avoid the steepest uphill climb (aka “Big Nasty Hill) that way as I adjust to new, longer jog intervals.

So, Week Three consists of the typical 5-minute warm up and cool down, plus these intervals: jog 90 seconds, walk 90 seconds, jog 3 minutes, walk 3 minutes. Repeat all. Total interval training time, about 18 minutes. So the overall workout is actually a little bit shorter, time-wise, than previous weeks.

It was harder today.

I did it, but it was more difficult. By the end of the last jog interval I was ready to stop. I don’t think I did the best job pacing myself this time. Still, I did it.

Looking forward to the day when I can just say “I’m going for a jog” and then head out of the house and jog three miles. That’s my goal at this point.

LOTS of work to do before then.


One comment

  1. Are you using music? I am certainly not one to give advice about any sort of any athletic endeavor. However, I can tell you what works for me….I have found I can go twice as far with my little ipod shuffle loaded with music that motivates me. However, I am not an outside runner–I go to the Y and run on the treadmill. It’s all about distraction for me. I’m usually watching tv at the same time!

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