JogBlog: Week 2, Day 3

November 13, 2009

Another day, another C25K workout.

This morning went pretty well. I had to push hard early, jogging up Big Nasty Hill on only my second jog interval… but after that, subsequent jogs were always on the more level parts of the track.

I am debating now whether I really, really will be able to move up to Week 3 level on Monday morning. The intervals will increase in length… half the jog intervals will double in time to three minutes. Three minutes!

You laugh, but for a jogging newbie like me with questionable knees, this is a big deal.

Ah, well… I suppose we will just see how I feel on Monday morning. I am allowed to repeat a week of training if I don’t feel ready to advance. But, I’d rather not!

On a side note, the podcast continues to be helpful. The music is mostly techno-sounding stuff, very light on vocals. Does a good job of getting the feet moving while also providing a nice background sound to whatever else your mind wants to ponder while you run. I do think it’s funny, though… at certain times when you are supposed to change your pace, the guy’s voice chimes in with some simple instructions or reminders about maintaining your form, and then a couple times he’ll also say “good job” or “you’re doing great.” Which makes me laugh since he has no idea how I am doing! But the casts are very helpful. If interested, you can locate and download them (free) here.


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