JogBlog: Week 2, Day 2

November 11, 2009

And so it goes. I woke up this morning and got out to the park a little earlier than usual for my C25K workout. It was a beautiful, brisk autumn morning, but VERY windy. I started the workout at a different point along the path in hopes that I might not have to jog up the Big Nasty Hill until later in the workout today… as luck would have it, I instead managed to time things out to where I had to jog up that hill on my very first speed interval! Sigh.

So with the big hill thing and the heavy wind thing, at first the whole workout just seemed harder than I remembered it from two days ago. I was worried that I was going to give in early and not complete the intervals. But lo and behold, by about the 2nd or third jogging stint I was feeling better. Oh, it was still a challenge, don’t get me wrong… but I was able to do it and not worry about giving up.

I can already see that my distance is starting to increase. My last run today ended almost exactly at the two mile marker, whereas on previous days it has ended closer to 1.75 miles.

I did spend a little time wondering if I will really be able to move up next week, when the jogging intervals increase even more. But right now I’ll just concern myself with looking forward to Friday’s workout.

By the way, on my “rest” days I have been trying to consistently do one of the 20-minute workouts from Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD. Those are great workouts… not too much time, a good deal of all-over strength training, and by the end of 20 minutes you KNOW you have worked.


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