Twenty Years Ago…

September 11, 2009

Twenty years ago this past May, I graduated from Milligan College.

Twenty years ago this past week, I packed my brand new Celica to the gills with all my belongings and headed for uncharted territory in Kentucky.

Twenty years ago, I had no idea what was ahead for me.

Twenty years ago, I thought I’d NEVER fall out of touch with any of my college friends.

Twenty years ago this past summer, I raised a nest full of blue jays who had been abandoned at our lake cottage.

Twenty years ago today, I had no job… and no idea what job I might ever find. And it didn’t really bother me.

Twenty years ago, I could fill up the gas tank in my car for about $16. And drive forever on it.

Twenty years ago this fall, I remember that it felt wrong not to be driving back to Tennessee for another year of school. My first time coming to grips with the concept of growing up and moving on.

Twenty years ago, I still tended to keep all my possessions in one room. (“Dorm Syndrome” I call it.)

Twenty years ago this month, I met the man I would eventually marry. At church in a small town in Kentucky.

What were YOU doing 20 years ago?



  1. Right about this time–or in a couple of weeks–Randy and I said, “Hey, we could get married!”

  2. I thought Randy and Sarah were already married 20 years ago.
    I was engaged to marry Debbie.
    I had been fired (replaced by a machine the week I got engaged), but was starting a new job in Human Resource Management, explaining employee benefits.
    I owned at least 10 starched white shirts, and always kept my suit jacket on the back on my chair so nobody would know I only owned two.
    I was living in an attic with neither heat nor air conditioning, but with great downstairs neighbors.

  3. Just about the same as you…except I had a job.

  4. Twenty years ago in May, I graduated from Milligan and felt very lost!

    Twenty years ago in July, Craig and I got married! Yea, but we were broke!

    Twenty years ago in August, I was working for Kelley Temporary Agency in Atlanta, GA doing surveys in a BP gas station because with my Biology degree, I had no marketable skills! I was trying to add an income for Craig and I while I waited for PT School to start at GA State in September.

    Twenty years ago in September, I started what was going to be “hell on earth” for 2 1/2 years straight — physical therapy school!

    Twenty years ago was a busy time for me!!!

  5. 20 years ago…

    I had just graduated from Georgia State with a degree in Art (which is why I left Milligan… I had taken all the studio art classes there were and I was paying Milligan tuition in order to take art classes at ETSU)

    I moved to Wisconsin with my then-husband so that he could finish school there… and froze my butt off for 2 years!

    20 years ago seems like yesterday! Seems like I was just moving into Hart Hall with Kathy!!! I’m so sorry I missed seeing you this weekend!!!!

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