“Time Will Tell” Overture

August 26, 2009

School started in Fayette County about two weeks ago. Whee!

A day or two into the new session, Aaron (almost 11) came home excited about playing in the band at school. He played violin last year in the 4th grade orchestra, and seemed to do okay with it, but I think he was in it more because some of his friends were playing than anything else. Let’s just say that no tears were shed on the day that we took that rental violin back to the music store.

Well, this year the school is offering band in addition to orchestra. So Aaron came home one day thrilled that he was going to play trumpet. Yes, he was convinced that he wanted to play trumpet. I am pretty sure that, once again, a great deal of this decision is based on a couple of his friends who are also going to be playing in the band. I read through the paperwork about band practices and what the students will need to do in order to participate, and Glenn and I agreed to encourage him to try.

A few days later, Aaron came home excited again, because that day at school they had all had the opportunity to try out some different band instruments to see which one they were most interested in playing and/or see which one the band instructor recommended for each student.

Aaron told us he was going to play trombone.

This dismayed Glenn a little bit (Glenn played some trumpet when he was younger).

We asked Aaron why the switch to trombone, and he said that he “didn’t have trumpet lips” and that the trombone would work better for him. I have a feeling there might have been a little more to the story than that, but… whatever.

Every day since then, Aaron has come home asking if we can “go get his trombone now.”  When will we get the trombone? Can we go get the trombone? How about that trombone?

We still haven’t figured out exactly where we might end up renting a trombone from, but today we were able to go to a friend’s house and borrow a trombone, at least for a little while. And how lucky are we? Because how many people do you know who have extra trombones laying around?

So the trombone came home, and Aaron immediately got it out of its case and started  to assemble it. I came up from my office and walked through the living room on the way to the kitchen, and Aaron said “it’s going to get loud in here!”

Oh, dear.

A few minutes later, Glenn and I were standing in the living room watching Aaron put the trombone together. We were there in our living room, just the three of us and our dog. Our wonderful, energetic, young, high-strung dog, Brody. You know, Brody? The dog who was just lying on the floor of the living room minding his own business? Yeah, that dog.

So we were all there when Aaron put the instrument up to his lips and suddenly… I don’t know how to spell trombone sounds. How about…


Close enough, I guess.

And immediately upon hearing this strange new un-spellable sound burst forth from the midst of our living room… our poor, unsuspecting dog FREAKED OUT.

So the next 10 minutes went something like this:

Aaron: PAAARP!

Brody: BARK! (sits. lies down. stands. spins.) BARK!!


Brody: BARK! (sits. stands. stand on hind legs. attempts to eat trombone) BARKBARKBARK!

Aaron: DA DA DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAA (Now playing the trombone like a kazoo. I didn’t know this could be done. Did you?)

Brody: BARKBARKBARK!  (sit. stand.) BARK!      (lie down. stand. chase tail.) BARK BARK!!   bark.

And so it went.


And if we had any doubts after this impromptu performance, of how this school year is going to go? It was all summed up by Aaron himself, in a voice simultaneously tinged with thrill and awe, as he put the trombone back in its case and said:

“I’m not going to be good at this for a long time!”

5th grade, here we come.



  1. Oh man, that story is hilarious! And when did you paint your walls red?

  2. Hmmm, let’s see… I painted them right before we had new carpet put in, so that was… 2 1/2 years ago or more?

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