Disney Recap: Day Seven (The end!)

April 21, 2009

Friday, April 3, was our last full day at Disney.

It was very rainy Friday morning, so we took our time getting up, eating breakfast and getting ready. I did a couple loads of laundry in the hotel’s laundry room, to avoid being inundated with dirty clothes the minute we arrived home from vacation.

We decided to go back to Animal Kingdom first, since it was the only one of the main parks that we had not been to at least twice. Rain stopped in the late morning and we got to the park around noon.

We went to get passes to ride Expedition Everest again, and then headed over toward the Jungle Trek. On the way we bumped into my cousin Jim and his girls again. It is a small world, after all 🙂

disneyday7-003The Jungle Trek is a walking tour where we saw several animals and exotic birds. Probably the most memorable sight was that of the giant fruit bats — these creatures were big and ugly like you might see in a cartoon! They really did resemble the classic “bats in the belfry” type bats you would see flying around castle turrets…

We next went to check out “Planet Watch” which involved riding a train over to a sort of nature center where you can see and learn about some wildlife. The boys enjoyed the snakes, lizards, and insects on display… there was also an area like a petting zoo where people could get up close and personal with some animals, but those animals turned out to be just a bunch of goats, really. Whatever!

After we returned to the main part of the park, Aaron realized he had left his camera behind somewhere. We back-tracked and figured that he must have left it somewhere in Planet Watch. The staff was very helpful in trying to locate the lost item for us. Luckily, someone had found the camera and turned into the office at Planet Watch, so we were able to recover it without too much trouble.

Finally, our time to ride the roller coaster came around, so we hopped on and enjoyed one final ride there. Aaron chose a tee shirt from the Expedition Everest gift shop that says “Scream Like a Girl.” Then we headed on our way out of the park.

disneyday7-016We decided to go to the Downtown Disney area to eat at Planet Hollywood (we had a voucher for some free food there) and do a little souvenir shopping. We had a bit of trouble getting there because there was no direct bus from the park — so after some confusion and a bus ride to the main transportation center, we took the monorail to Epcot and then a bus to one of the resort hotels close by, and finally caught a bus to the shopping district.


[Planet Hollywood was fun, but it was very loud and the food was nothing to write home about.]

We found some souvenirs in a couple places in the Marketplace area, then headed back to the lodge. I really had in mind to see the Magic Kingdom “Wishes” fireworks from the proper vantage point in front of the castle, since I hadn’t seen the whole show yet. Glenn and I left the boys in the room (they were not interested in going back out) and took one last boat ride over to the Magic Kingdom. The timing was perfect for us to get off the boat, get onto Main Street and work our way up near the castle in time for the fireworks to begin. It was impressive! Glenn especially liked the fact that someone dressed as Tinkerbell flew down on a long zip line from the top of the castle. I thought the show was a splendid way to top off the week at Disney. The weather was very pleasant and the music and fireworks were all, of course, Disney-perfect.

After the fireworks, we made our way to the ice cream parlor for a treat, and then did some final shopping at one of the big gift shops on Main Street (The Emporium). Later, we said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom as we took the boat back to the Wilderness Lodge one final time.

A word to my parents… we cannot thank you enough for the wonderful week we had at Disney World! It was a very special trip that I do not know if we would have ever gotten around to taking otherwise. We are still sorting through some pictures, and will be sending some goodies in the mail to you very soon!



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