Disney Recap: Day Five

April 15, 2009


We returned to Hollywood Studios not long after it opened on Wednesday morning. The first thing we did was head straight to the Aerosmith roller coaster to get a fast pass… the park was already getting busy and the wait time for that ride was already more than an hour! We got our passes that were slotted for a few hours later and then headed next door to the “Tower of Terror.”

disneyday5-037Ride Review: Tower of Terror. The Hollywood Tower of Terror is set up as though it is an old hotel from the 30s or 40s. When you go through the line they first give you some backstory about some celebrity who was there and went on the elevator one night, then the elevator was struck by lightning and ever since then it has been haunted or possessed or something. I was a little fuzzy on the details, but the atmosphere of the hotel leading up to the actual ride was excellent. The ride itself involves loading people into a large elevator (seated and buckled in) and then the elevator goes up and enters the Twilight Zone at some point, and starts moving through the halls of the hotel. We passed various ghostly figures and visions (really, the effects are pretty good!) and then the elevator reaches a point of total darkness. At that point, “lightning” strikes your car and suddenly the elevator plummets in a free fall! I screamed as loudly as I ever have! Of course it stops before it hits the ground… what I wasn’t prepared for was the disneyday5-001second time the elevator shot upward, and then dropped again. This was repeated at least one more time, or possibly twice. It was honestly very difficult for me to tell sometimes whether we were going up or down! By the time it was over, the man in front of me was probably deaf from my screaming. I thought it was an excellent ride all around…. from the details leading up to it and the special effects, to the actual ride. This was the first time I had ever been on a ride that takes you up and drops you. It was terrifying, and I wanted to ride it again!

After the Tower, we headed to the other side of the park to check on some other rides that interested us. We rode  simulator-type of ride called “Star Tours” that was OK but not great. We checked show times for a couple stunt shows we wanted to see, and then ate an early lunch at “Pizza Planet.”

disneyday5-028The timing of some of the things we wanted to do was a little tricky to work with our fast pass time slot… but we were able to do the Studio Backlot tour where we saw some neat movie special effects and how they are filmed. After the tour we headed over to the Rock’n’Roller Coaster, which we thoroughly enjoyed again.

disneyday5-032 disneyday5-0341

Next it was time to catch the Indiana Jones stunt show, which was a lot of fun. We got to see how stunt men perform all kinds of dramatic stunts as they recreated three different action scenes from the original “Raiders of the Lost Ark” movie.

disneyday5-0431 disneyday5-060 disneyday5-065 disneyday5-066

We went to see “Journey to Narnia: Prince Caspian” thinking it would be some sort of cool interactive experience, but it turned out to be nothing more than  a10-minute synopsis of the movie (which we have seen already). So, that was one disappointment today. To feel better, we all got a snack afterward. They sell some delicious root beer floats at the snack stand back over by the roller coaster!

As we made our way to the final big stunt show we have wanted to see, it started to rain again. It rained enough that we were concerned that the show might be canceled, but it stopped in time for everything to proceed as planned. This feature, called “Lights, Motors, Action!” involved some excellent stunt driving feats. Lots of car chases, motorcycles, even a jet ski… and of course, plenty of fire and explosions. I took several pictures of the show as it was really quite impressive.

disneyday5-069 disneyday5-072 disneyday5-076 disneyday5-080 disneyday5-083 disneyday5-085


After the show, we were ready to head back to the lodge, but took a small detour when we happened to run into some friends from church on one of the park streets. We stopped a chatted a bit before finally heading out to the bus stop.

Once back at the lodge, we decided to let the boys eat supper themselves in the café, and then spend some time in the hotel arcade. Glenn and I checked on the possibility of eating at the nicer table service restaurant, but with no reservations we were out of luck. We ate at the café and then sat at the pool while the boys had a late swim. We did catch a little bit of the Magic Kingdom fireworks show from the hotel beach… they are partly visible from across the lake… and we heard the quirky music from the nightly “Electric Boat parade.”

There are lots of ducks that live around the lodge, and some of them get right into the pool along with the hotel guests! Earlier in the evening we had seen an entire family, including several ducklings, swimming in the deep end. It is also common to see lots of bunny rabbits milling around in the landscaped areas around the lodge. They seem to be very accustomed to people.

I think this day was the only day that we ended up visiting just one park. It was nice to be able to go through this whole week at a leisurely pace. More details to come in the next installment!


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