Disney Recap: Day Four

April 14, 2009


Making the daily walk from the lodge down to the bus pickup area.

Tuesday morning. We moved a little more quickly this morning and headed out to Blizzard Beach, arriving shortly after it opened at 10 a.m.  The boys had been very anxious to visit one of the water parks since we started the vacation, and this seemed like a good day to try one…

There are a lot of great water slides at Blizzard Beach… we rode some together and some separately. The boys enjoyed the large wave pool and the “Cross Country Creek” that encircled the entire park. Aaron ended our time at the park by taking the “Summit Plummet” which is a 120-foot, nearly vertical drop… no tubes, no toboggan, nothing but you and the slide!  He said he loved it, but the trip down gave him quite a wedgie J  Glenn also rode that slide and said it was very intense.

By about 3pm we were ready to go back to the lodge to get dried off and then go to Hollywood Studios. As we left the water park, we had our first real disappointment with the free Disney transportation… the bus to take us to Wilderness Lodge was very late in picking us up. I think this was an exception to the general rule, because we had had very good experiences using the buses, boats, and monorail so far.

Wow, that's one big giant hat.



We finally did get back to the lodge around 4:30 p.m. and got cleaned up and headed out to the Studios. My plan had been to spend the evening there as I mistakenly thought the park was open until 10 p.m…. but I had misread the information and we soon learned that the park would close at 7 p.m. We had about an hour to spend, so we headed straight to the Aerosmith Rock’n’Roller Coaster that we had heard so much about. To save some time, we went through the single rider line (it was too late to get fast passes). We still waited in line about half an hour or so. The ride did not disappoint! It is an indoor roller coaster that operates in (mostly) darkness and takes its riders through loops and corkscrew turns, all after a bullet-like start taking the train from 0 to 60 in less than 3 seconds. We loved it!


Aaron and I ready for Toy Story in 3D

Just as the park was closing, we managed to squeak in to the brand new Toy Story ride that is being heavily pushed this year. It involves 3D animation and a lot of target shooting for different point values.  The 3D effects were very good, and we all enjoyed competing with each other for the most points.

After the Studios closed, we went back to the lodge and just hung out for a while. We had supper at the Roaring Fork Café (their grilled chicken salad was my favorite!) and then we lounged a while. The boys and Glenn took a night swim in the hotel pool while I made a call to my Mom and Dad to get them caught up on all our vacation antics.

Stay tuned till next time!


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