Disney Recap: Day Two

April 8, 2009


Sunday morning we woke to the tune of our two boys pestering us to get out of bed. They were awake, and hungry, and ready to go do something. It was a bit rainy that morning, so we took it slowly. We ate at the Roaring Fork Cafe downstairs in our lodge and were pleasantly surprised with the amount of food they doled out for breakfast.

After breakfast we had made up our minds to go to Epcot Center, but due to a misunderstanding about the buses, we ended up on a bus to the Animal Kingdom instead. No matter… since we had no set agenda for any day, we just decided to go ahead and visit Animal Kingdom then.

The rain was falling pretty good as we entered the park, so I pulled out the ponchos. We still got fairly wet and I was wondering if we’d be miserable all day, but we pressed on and decided to see a 3D show called “It’s Tough to Be a Bug” since the line was short and we could get out of the rain for a bit. The show was great and the effects were outstanding… not just the 3D stuff on screen, but also the additional touches like being sprayed with water, or having puffs of air hit us at just the right times, or even having something “crawl” under our seats as we were getting ready to leave the show. That last effect caught us most off guard and was the most creepy of all 🙂  We loved the show.

The rain was petering out as we began to cover more territory in the park. We rode several good rides, but our favorite had to be the roller coaster, “Expedition Everest.” This coaster takes you off into the “Himalayas” where you suddenly find yourself running out of track. Hmmmm. The train stops at the broken track, and then suddenly you go backward, only you end up going in a different direction than you just came from… up some hills and quickly around some turns in the darkness inside the mountain itself. Suddenly, the train stops again, and you see a vision of the Yeti tearing up more of the track! Oh no! Then the train goes forward again… but the track has switched in the darkenss and you take yet another route outside and around the mountain on some great circling downhill drops. It was a great ride… we loved it and rode it twice.

Another real high point at Animal Kingdom was the live show “Flights of Wonder” which featured several exotic birds doing some great tricks and showing off their stuff. it involved some audience participation, and there were also some great chances for photos througout the show and then again at the end when we had more chances to get close up to some of the birds. I highly recommend the show to anyone visiting Animal Kingdom… there are several shows each day and they are well worth seeing!

We headed back to the lodge for a brief respite in the late afternoon. After a bite to eat we headed to “Downtown Disney” to visit some of the shops. The boys especially enjoyed hanging out at Lego Land, where they could play with some Legos and see several giant Lego sculptures surrounding the store.

We picked up some souvenirs at one of the main Disney merchandise shops and had the loot delivered back to our lodge room (another nice, free service offered to people who stay in the resorts). Eventually we caught a bus back to the lodge for the night. It was a nice, full day.


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  1. Great photos!

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