Weekend Update: In which I speak of many things which interest few people.

March 21, 2009

Updates have been sporadic recently, for no good reason. Here is an attempt to get everyone who cares caught up on the goings-on at our house…

We’re going to Disney!

Yes, we are actually going away for Spring Break this year, on a real vacation to a real destination. One week from today we will be in Walt Disney World. Our plane lands in Orlando at 4:08 pm, and I fully expect to be on some sort of thrill ride by 4:09. 🙂

We have looked forward to this trip for many months now, and it would not be happening except for the fact that my parents couldn’t decide what to get us for Christmas last year, so they said “how about if we send you guys to Disney World?” For the record, Mom and Dad… we are very grateful! And you are now off the hook for birthdays, Christmases, or any other gift-giving occasions for all of us Doolittles, indefinitely. We love you and we couldn’t be more thrilled about the upcoming trip.

We will be staying inside the park at the Wilderness Lodge for 7 nights, flying back home on April 4th. We’ve got park hopper passes, water park access, meal plans, the whole bit. And we are not planning to bring a laptop with us, so we will essentially be “going dark” while we are down there. As I warned some of my clients recently when I reminded them of my upcoming vacation… I will have my cell phone with me, but I’m not likely to hear it ring over all the yelling and carrying on that is sure to be happening.

I intend to thoroughly inundate the blog with vacation photos and stories when I return.

Help, I’ve Registered and I Can’t Give Up!

I’ve gone and done it again. I’ve forgotten that I am 41, overweight and out of shape… and I’ve signed up for another organized bike ride. After managing to get through the Bike Trek to Shakertown last fall, I thought I’d up the ante this summer and sign up for Bike MS 2009… a 2-day ride that begins at Churchill Downs in Louisville and ends at Keeneland Race Track here in Lexington.  Glenn has ridden this one before, but I have not. Whereas I rode a total of about 85 miles in two days on the Shakertown ride, the MS ride routes that I intend to take should bring me to a total of 110 miles — And that is with me opting for some of the shorter routes!

So, we’ll see how it goes. A couple weeks ago I got on my bike after the long winter months off and rode over 20 hilly miles through the countryside near where I live. I thought that was a pretty good start. This evening Glenn and I took a shorter ride of about 14 miles. I would like to work toward getting some 30 and 40 mile weekend rides under my belt over the next several weeks.

We Still Need to Hire Someone to Fix Some Things

The ice storm back in January left us with some things to fix around the house. Our roof, although virtually unscathed on the outside, has several rafters that need to be fixed/reinforced/repositioned . Our brand new deck needs to have a 15-foot railing replaced. The gutter along the back roofline needs to be replaced. And at some point, I need to either repair or replace my gas grill.

Ah, the grill! I miss it already. We have had a few grillcrunchpleasant days recently when I would have loved to throw some chicken or steaks on the grill for supper… but alas, this is what my grill looks like right now. Glenn tells me that we can still use it. I… don’t know. But we may have to try to fix it up, because… guess what? In a lovely turn of events that confirms the stereotype that insurance companies are out to get you, and you always must read the fine print… the damage to the grill was NOT covered by our insurance. You see… there is a clause somewhere in our policy that says that if weight of snow and ice causes a tree to fall on my house, then any personal property that is outside the house is not covered if it is damaged. OK, well, I guess that’s fine. But the funny thing is, if WIND had caused the exact same tree to fall on our house and deck, and smash the same grill in the same way… then the damage to the grill would have been covered. Funny, no?  I’m laughing on the inside.

That about sums things up for now… Stay tuned until next time!


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  1. Have a GREAT TIME at Disney!!! I assume you’ll have internet access??

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