Wednesday Wild Card: Wedding Songs

March 11, 2009


My friend and champion blogger (she loves to be called that), Sarah, is celebrating her 20th wedding anniversary this month and has issued a challenge to her friends to write about the songs that were in their weddings. If we write our stories and link them to her blog she will read them all and then choose a random winner to receive an Amazon gift card. Whoohooooo!

So… now I’m in a quandary. I mean, if she’s going to choose a RANDOM winner, then all I really need to do is write any old half-baked blog post with the songs listed in it, right? But no, that just wouldn’t be right. I must uphold the high writing standards that this blog has strived so hard to maintain. (cough)

Glenn and I got married in December 1992. I did most of the planning, because that is what the girl does. And the wedding day is all about the girl, right? The guy just has to show up.

So. Songs. I am not against tradition, but I remember wanting to try to choose some songs that people didn’t normally hear at weddings. Because heaven forbid the music started playing and someone said “oh, I’ve heard this one, this is boring” and then everyone made a mass exodus out the back door. That would have been embarrassing!

You will laugh, because two of the songs probably fall squarely into the category of “songs people have already heard” although perhaps back then they weren’t completely overplayed just yet. My very dear friends, Rick and Jennifer Dunn, each sang a solo as the service was beginning. Rick sang “I Will Be Here” by Steven Curtis Chapman. I chose that one simply because I liked it. A friend had introduced me to SCC’s music a few years before, and once I had heard that song I knew I would want it played at my wedding.  Jennifer sang “Doubly Good” which I think is an Amy Grant song. I had heard it sung at her wedding (Jen’s… not Amy Grant’s) a couple years prior, and I liked it.

Now, the really sad part about those first two songs is, I never got to hear either one of them. In a sad turn of events which is a mystery to this day, the tape recording that was made of our wedding service was lost immediately after the event, never to be seen or played. Plus, we did not have a wedding video made. Which is a story for another day.

As the bridesmaids came down the aisle, I had Vivaldi’s “Guitar Concerto in D Major,” play to accompany them. And the inspiration for that song? Sesame Street. Yes, the reason I was familiar with that tune was,as a child watching Sesame Street I had seen a video as part of the show… it was a montage of flowers and landscapes and the like… and “Guitar Concerto in D Major,” as the background track. To this day when I hear that melody I first see a close up of colorful flowers with raindrops falling on them. In later years I discovered the song on a record or tape that my Dad had, and I would play it and remember those images from the Sesame Street video.   It’s a lovely, light tune that I thought would work nicely for the bridesmaids. And so it did. At least I think so. I never really got to hear it since I wasn’t in the room at that point!

My processional was Pachelbel’s Canon. A popular tune, yes. But I loved it, and it was better than the wedding march! I first fell in love with the Canon after hearing it at the National Air and Space Museum. Indeed. When the museum first opened, their feature film, “To Fly!,” was the main attraction in their IMAX theater, and I saw it countless times. Pachelbel’s Canon is featured prominently in the soundtrack.

Then in the midst of the service, right after we said our vows, there was a prayer. Immediately following, a men’s quartet from our church sang “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” a cappella. My favorite part! (Well, other than the whole getting married to the love of my life thing.) I chose it because I thought the lyrics and message fit nicely at that point… and also, who doesn’t love to hear four-part harmony?

So there you go! The recessional was just an instrumental piece that my Dad helped me pick out, but it had no particular significance.

Sarah… pick me! pick me!  🙂  And… happy anniversary to you and Randy!



  1. How much do I LOVE that Sesame Street inspired your wedding music? Fabulous!! And our tape from our wedding failed, too. Thanks for playing!

  2. I must post here to say that I had to go back and edit to change my error in naming the bridesmaids’ processional song. I don’t know why I had “Allegro” in my head as the correct song, but that was wrong. The story about Sesame Street inspiring the whole thing still stands, though…. I just had the song title incorrect!

  3. How cool Sesame Street inspired musical aspirations in you! I can remember loving Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood becasue they didn’t play stupid kiddie music but really cool jazz music! I Pachelbel’s canon in my wedding too!

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