Wednesday Wild Card: Cadillac Man

March 4, 2009


Photo dated 1986. This is my Dad at one of the many car shows he used to attend. Here he is shown with one of his 1949 Fleetwoods (he had two that were identical, I have no way of knowing which one this is).

In case you were wondering, he is wearing utterly typical “Dad” attire. There was a time when he also favored a certain leather flight jacket so much that if he had only had a whip at his side, he could have been Indiana Jones. Except for the lack of daring adventures.

Just thought I’d pull this one out in honor of “Happy Birthday, Dad” week. 🙂



  1. What a handsome, stylish model! Should be on the cover of a magazine! Your dad looks really good, too.

  2. very dapper!

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