Everyone say “Hi” to Sylvie. [Hi, Sylvie!]

February 8, 2009

My birthday was yesterday, and it was great. We really didn’t do anything, which was nice after a long week. I got to sleep in, hang around the house, and watch some TV. My parents called me for the annual “stereo parents” version of the Happy Birthday song. For dinner we got subs and watched a movie at home. Oh! And we bought some refrigerated cookie dough and ate some fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies. How great is that?

A friend of mine from college also shares my birthday. Sylvie and I were recently reconnected through Facebook, and we spent the last week making sure that all our other friends knew about our big day on Saturday. Sylvie lives in Atlanta where she has a business making glass beads… AND she is a fellow blogger. So the purpose of my post today is to introduce everyone to Sylvie’s blog and her bead website.

I’m also adding her blog to my sidebar.

Hope you enjoy the link love, Sylvie! 🙂



  1. It sounds like you both had wonderful birthdays!!

  2. this made me laugh.

    “Hi Laura!!!”

    (waving back at you)

  3. Happy late birthday 🙂

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