Thursday Snapshot: Modeling career.

February 5, 2009

Did you know I was a model? Indeed! For a grand total of about one hour, one day back in 1990.

I was working for U.S. Cavalry, Inc. in Radcliff, KY as a layout artist. Yes, that was the official job title. You might think that meant they paid me to sun bathe…  but actually, it meant that I worked in the art department creating page layouts for the company’s catalog. There were three of us creative types in the department then, and anytime there were new products to be featured we had to go on photo shoots to help the photographer get just the right angle on, say, a pair of army boots or a Buck knife. (The Cav Store, as we called it, sold military surplus and similar items.)

Sometimes the company hired local models to come and wear the various clothing items that we needed to photograph, but many times we would just grab a random Cav Store employee to do the job and save us some money.

On this occasion, my art director called upon me to wear a sweater for a new product shot. He also summoned his friend whose name now escapes me, but he was the guy who fried burgers at the nearby Waffle House. They knew each other well since my director went to eat at that Waffle House every day.

We drove up to Louisville and found a location that was meant to give some sort of European feel to the shot. I donned the sweater along with some trousers they were also selling, and grinned my way into the next issue of the catalog. And here, my good readers, is the result:


I didn’t mind that sweater shot too much… it turned out OK. But then on the way back to the office we stopped to shoot a few more items  at a certain spot that the art director liked. And before I knew it, he was asking me to pose in one of their leather flight jackets, too. Oy!  So to be sure that you have access to my complete modeling portfolio,  I now present you with the photo I like to call “Laura and her great big sunglasses, and boy doesn’t she look silly.” [I promise you, they told me to put my hand up to my head like that. Oh, and by the way, the guy in the larger picture is the other guy who worked in the art department…]


There’s just not much else to say, is there?



  1. Laura,
    You have me laughing so hard, I’ve got tears streaming down my face.

  2. Wow. I know an almost famous model! I like the sweater picture. The flight jacket picture would be fine, except for that wacky pose.

  3. This is great!!!!!

    I’m thinking that you are SO lucky you didn’t have to do the West German Snow Camo shot!!!

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