Weekend Update: Aftermath

January 31, 2009

We got hold of a tree service today and had them come by to take care of the limbs that have been on our house since the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Around 11:30, several guys showed up in our yard, waving chainsaws in the air and eager to get to work. It was still very cold, but the sky was a beautiful blue…


They made quick work of the huge limb, scrambling all over our icy deck and putting themselves in precarious positions with seemingly no thought for safety. For example:


Here are more pictures from the morning:

treeremoval-1 treeremoval-3 treeremoval-4

treeremoval-10 treeremoval-12 treeremoval-14

deckcrunch deckrailcrunch grillcrunch

As you can see, in addition to repairs that will be needed for our deck, roof and gutter, I will also need to get a new gas grill!  But the grill’s sacrifice does not go unnoticed… I am fairly sure that it absorbed a lot of the impact from the falling limb, and actually lessened the damage to our brand new deck. So, thank you, big fancy Brinkman Grill… I will fondly remember the many fajitas I made with you!



  1. Well, that sure looks like quite a mess to clean up. It looks like the fire-pit survived anyway. And the table on the deck? Will you need to cover the damaged roof before the next storm comes along any day now? Are the boys back at school now?

  2. The table and fire pit survived unscathed. The roof doesn’t have any holes or anything like that… we just need to find out what to do about the gutter until the roof actually gets repaired. We are still waiting for an adjuster to come by. Hopefully any day now…

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