Ice and More Ice

January 27, 2009


Today the kids were out of school again, and legitimately so… there is at least a half inch of ice covering everything outside today. I cannot open my kitchen storm door because of the thick ice on the deck. The boys spent most of the day outside sliding all over our driveway and the  yard with sleds, lawn chairs, snow shovels, and anything else they could find to slide on. The dog is a little bit shy of going outside right now because it’s hard for him to get around.

School has already been called off for tomorrow… there is a prediction of another 2-4″ of ice possible tonight and tomorrow. I guess the boys will be in school until June.

When I opened the front door to snap a couple photos, I could hear that familiar sound that I remembered from the big ice storm we had back in 2003:  the sound of tree limbs creaking and falling under the weight of the ice.

I’m glad we had our power lines buried a few years ago!


One comment

  1. think of it as an opportunity to take some really great photos….

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