Tuesday Time Machine: The Good Club Graduates, May 1989

January 19, 2009


I really, really love this photo from college graduation in 1989.  I have a few good shots from that day with some special friends. But this is one that strikes a chord with me. Two very dear friends. The blue sticker in the corner is courtesy of a banana I was eating one day. It seemed appropriate.


I don’t really remember exactly how “The Good Club” came into being.

I think it was a joke that took on a life of its own.

Sarah Beth was my friend starting our freshman year of college. We lived in the same dorm, and at some point we fell into a great friendship together. When I think of Sarah Beth I always think of the huge smile on her face. Her great laugh. Her textbook-perfect handwriting (I mean, really!). And we just… I don’t know… we just always had a fun time together. We seemed to understand each other.

David Frederick, better known as “Freddy,” transferred to Milligan when we were sophomores. Freddy was one of the “Oklahoma Boys” that I have spoken of fondly elsewhere in this blog. I don’t remember the particular moment when I met Freddy, but once he made his appearance he was there to stay.

Now, if someone had lined up all the students on campus back in 1986 and decided to start choosing groups of people who would hang out together, I don’t know that anyone would have picked Sarah Beth, Freddy and me as a “team.”  On face value I think we would have all seemed pretty different from each other. But I think that we were all (at least at some point) majoring in Business Administration, and so we had a lot of classes together. That’s probably how it started.

Lots of classes together translated to lots of hours spent studying together. Lots of cramming for tests late at night in some classroom in Derthick Hall. Lots of walking up and down Sutton hill to and from classes or meals. It’s hard for me to have a memory of my years at Milligan without Freddy and Sarah Beth being involved in some way.

We started calling ourselves “The Good Club” sometime during those three years together. Our motto was something like “no drinking, no smoking, no running with girls that do.”  Boy, we were hilarious, weren’t we?


The Good Club was extremely exclusive. As soon as we established ourselves, we immediately closed the group to new members. Our meetings were always impromptu, agenda-free, and utterly clandestine. So, anytime we sat down to lunch together, or something like that, it was a meeting… but no one else would have ever known. The only time that The Good Club was really exposed to the public was near the end of our senior year, when Sarah Beth had these yellow t-shirts made up for us. I think it was sort of a graduation gift. I still have mine.

Looking back, it all seems rather silly, as do most things that we did during our college years. But I will tell you this… even though we fall in and out of touch these days, there is still a special bond.

When I pull out these old photos, a feeling knocks me over like a wave on the beach. Memories of the best, most intense, emotional, fun, terrible-wonderful years of my life… and the privilege I had to spend them with friends like Sarah Beth and Freddy. Looking at the shot of us in caps and gowns elicits a heavy sigh.

We made it!



  1. OK, that is hilarious–the Good Club! What is really soo funny about it is that we had our own “sorority” that met every evening at 4:30 in my room in Sutton, and I’m pretty sure we were exactly the girls that you were NOT running around with! 😉

  2. Oh, so you had a super secret club as well? It’s too bad we didn’t know about each other… we could have had a rumble in the parking lot 🙂 LOL.

  3. You have an incredible memory, Laura. I love that you have all these pictures at the ready. Mine are in a box somewhere either in Illinois or in our yucky attic…never to be looked at again, I guess. I looked at those yellow shirts and really don’t ever remember having made those or worn those. BUT, Dyke remembers even when the picture was taken. Weird. I hope that doesn’t expel me from the club. Hey, David! Love you guys!

  4. SB… that is funny. I wonder if maybe Dyke was the one who took the picture? Because I don’t know who did… but I must have lent my camera to someone, so it could have been him 🙂

    I have another photo of the Good Club where we stood in front of the mirror in my dorm room and it’s hilarious.. but I couldn’t find it last night to scan! I will find it and post it on Facebook later, maybe.

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