Tuesday Time Machine: Sitting Pretty

January 13, 2009

(click for a larger view if desired)


This photo (no date on it, but I’m guessing it is circa 1915 or thereabouts) shows my ancestors on my Dad’s side… the McDonald children: Inez, George, and Virginia (my grandmother).

I think Grandma looks like a perfect china doll in this shot, with her little round face, slightly pouty mouth, and wavy hair. I wonder if she and Inez hated having those huge bows on their heads? And George looks absolutely thrilled to be sandwiched between his two sisters.

The donkey (mule? burro?) doesn’t look terribly excited, either. 🙂



  1. my grandmother and her sisters wore those bows too!

  2. It was good to see that old picture. That’s my uncle George (your brother’s namesake)on the donkey with his sisters in North Braddock, Pa. I mentioned this picture in an article I wrote a few years ago for TCS.com called “Our Lives in Snapshots.” It also ran in The Saturday Evening Post. The time was around 1912, actually, the same year the Titanic sank. In those days roving photographers would bring a horse or mule trailing behind their wagon. This would of course attract the kids, who became his pestering allies as he tried to talk their parents into buying some photos.

    • Oops! I should have realized that was George. It makes sense now that I think about it more…

      I updated the post to fix the name 🙂

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