Thursday Snapshot: Cool Things I Saw Today

January 8, 2009

Cool red things…


More cool red things…. [maybe my botanist friend in TN knows what these are]


A cool tree…


I think these are deer tracks…


Cool wooded paths…


A very cold, abandoned nest…


Strange looking seed pods of some sort…


Nifty tree bark…


And a majestic tree…


All in all, that’s a lot of cool things on one trip out to take the dog for a run!



  1. I like your red things.

  2. Randy said he will post later and identify your flora for you!

  3. I’ll be glad to know what they are… although I do kind of like just calling them “cool red things.”

    The seed pods are also mysterious.

  4. those cool red things are the fruits of a sumac. probably smooth sumac (Rhus glabra), but possibly staghorn sumac (Rhus typhina). If the stems are bare then it’s smooth; if they’re fuzzy it’s staghorn.

    and those seed pods are from a milkweed. if you open them up the small round brown seeds will have big tufts of white hairs on them that will float for miles on a good wind.

    looks like a GREAT place to take the dog for a run!

  5. I am pretty sure the cool red things are sumac and the seed pods are milkweed. I’ve floated many a milkweed seed back in my day!

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