A Fun Exercise

December 30, 2008

I was reading my friend Sarah’s excellent blog today and she did this nifty thing where she went back through her blog archives and posted the first sentence from the first post on her blog for each month in 2008.  It’s kind of an interesting way to get a glance back at the year, so I thought I’d do the same thing here. If something piques your interest, you can go back and explore my blog archives yourself to get the full story 🙂

Jan. 2
“Ahhh, the Pymatuning Spillway… an exotic getaway for vacationers who want to drive to the middle of some farmland in northwestern PA/eastern OH to see humongous carp writhe around on each other while the ducks and geese skitter across the top of them.”

Feb. 2
“On the back of this old photo, my Mom’s handwriting reads, “Dec. 1975 – Laura on Church porch” (sorry, the face was pretty well blown out by the flash… )”

Mar. 3
Dear Dad, Happy 67th birthday.”

Apr. 2
“It’s Brent’s turn to submit some drawings he did recently.”

May 2
“I am not a big jewelry person.”

June 3
“Dear George, Happy 44th birthday.

Jul. 1
“I stopped at Wal Mart after my volleyball match last night.”

Aug. 2
“Here’s a helpful hint: sewer clean-outs should be sealed!”

Sep. 6
“We took Brody to our favorite local park this evening so he could get in a good run.”

Oct. 5
“So, I started making granola from scratch earlier this year.”

Nov. 1
“Some photos and brief stories from Homecoming Weekend (last weekend)…”

Dec. 1
“This photo is blurry, my camera was not on any kind of good setting for low light photos… but it’s good enough to show you.”

That was fun, if not mysterious in some cases… don’t you think?


One comment

  1. I love it! I am always amazed by how revealing this little snippets can be…

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