Human Bowling

December 6, 2008

‘Twas some weeks before Christmas, and I rushed about
attempting to clean and put Christmas stuff out.
The laundry was churning, the house was a mess,
and I sorted papers while feeling distressed.
[The children were outside enjoying some snow —
not enough to make snowballs; just a dusting or so.]
And I, in my sock feet and wearing my sweats,
had just begun making a little progress…
when out on the lawn there arose such a noise
I ran down the stairs to go check on the boys!
To the utility room I flew like the wind,
threw open the back door, and looked out and grinned…
The driveway was slick with a thin layer of snow,
and the kids and their friends were all having a go
at riding their sleds down the hill to our lawn,
mowing down any obstacles they came upon.
My husband and son had set up a big wall
of plastic containers and buckets and all.
Then the neighborhood kids would fly down on their sleds
and blast through the buckets, and toss back their heads
with laughter and squealing so full of pure joy
you’d think they had all found the Ultimate Toy…
but ’twas only our driveway, and only some tubs,
and not even enough snow to sully their gloves.
So I snapped a few photos to try and recapture
a bit of the fun and the squealing and laughter.
These won’t do it justice, but maybe you’ll say,
“the Doolittles’ house was a funhouse today!”

[click for larger views]





  1. Fabulous! Brilliant! And that is some UGLY snow!

  2. Indeed! It was some very pathetic snow out there. But the kids made the most of it 🙂

  3. What great fun! All these boys, including Glenn, will try to relive this day with future snowfalls. Today is a day that will live in their minds and stories for many years.

  4. That looks like a “barrel” of fun,
    You are a very talented writer

  5. I think you got more snow at your house than we did! Looks like buckets of fun!

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