High Marks.

August 28, 2008

Met with our dog trainer today… it had been several weeks since our last get-together. I took Brody out to the back yard, off leash, so I could demonstrate how well behaved he has become in the past month or so.

Now, this may sound like the set up for a story with a bad ending — like when you have a child with a talent, but as soon as there is an audience, that talent disappears, and you are left looking like an imbecile — but honestly, Brody did very well! He fetched his frisbee several times and brougt it straight back to me. Then, when one of the neighbor dogs came out into his yard, and Brody ran over to see him, I called him back to me and he came right over. Good boy! Tony, our trainer, was impressed with Brody’s progress. And in the end, in the ultimate act of confidence in my dog’s ability to generally behave, I returned the shock collar that we have been borrowing for the past month or so.

[Before I get comments from anyone about how shock collars are inhumane or anything of that nature, let me just say this: NOT! I put that collar on my own wrist and tested it myself to see what it feels like… at worst, it is like a strong static electric shock. It is really nothing more than a wake-up call to the dog, just a quick and effective way to say “pay attention!”  And as time wore on, of course, we used the “shock” treatment less and less. I highly recommend this type of collar to anyone who needs a little extra help in training a high-strung, strong-willed dog. Which is exactly what Brody is.]

In celebration of his good grades today, I am letting Brody walk around the house this evening with NO collar on at all… not even his normal collar that carries his dog tags. And it’s remarkable just how naked he looks without something around his neck!   I mean, I guess he is naked. But it’s surprising how much one little collar around the next makes a difference in his appearance. Maybe it is magnified by the fact that he is a smooth-coated dog, I don’t know. You tell me.


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  1. Good dog! Good mom!

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