A Tricycle is a Girl’s Best Friend.

August 15, 2008

In celebration of the upcoming Bike Trek to Shakertown, for which I am certain my derriere will never forgive me, I thought I would share these two items that I just found in a box in our storage closet.

First, a shot of me when I was… maybe 3 or 4?… with a tricycle in front of our house on Glenwood Road:

[All together now… Aawwwwwwwwwww!}

And second, a drawing from my 10th grade Fundamentals of Art class sketchbook:

I am wondering now if I should just buy a tricycle to ride on the bike trek next month. Because I obviously have had a “thing” for them from a very early age.

Tonight we went to the sporting goods store and bought a few things for the Trek. Not the least of which was a special bike seat that I am going to try out… “geared for women!” it says on the label. Which probably translates to “has a great big area for your big rear end.”  I’ll let you know how it works out.


One comment

  1. Aawwwwwwww…..Now, those pants were certainly not pink.

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