Because I’m Crazy…

August 8, 2008

For many years now, I have watched my husband participate in various bike rides. Most of them are fundraisers for different organizations… most notably the Multiple Sclerosis “MS150” ride and the American Lung Association’s “Bike Trek to Shakertown.” I have thought for a long time that I needed to try one of these organized events myself, just to see if I have the stamina to ride such distances, and also to help support some worthy causes. So, this afternoon I went online and registered for the Shakertown trek – a three-day ride through the Kentucky countryside that is scheduled for the weekend of September 13-15.

I enjoy biking, but I really don’t do much of it these days. Really, about the only time I get on a bike and do any semi-serious riding is when I am on vacation in the summer. I like taking rides out and about on the country roads near our little lake cottage up at Conneaut Lake.. and I have also taken a ride or two with my Dad when I go to visit my folks in Ligonier, PA.

One thing I do participate in consistently is volleyball. I have been playing the sport at a pretty competitive level for a good 17 years now… and I still love it and feel like I can hang in there on the court with anyone my age and even with a fair number of folks who are younger than I. But the truth is, now that I am FORTY, I am having to think a bit about what I could do as a “fallback” activity… you know, a sport that I can do that isn’t quite as hard on my body as volleyball. (Not that I’m ready to retire from volleyball, mind you! No, I hope to still play for many years to come. But all that jumping is hard on my joints, particularly my arthritic knees.) Biking fits the bill nicely.

So anyway, I have registered for this big bike ride, and now I have about five weeks to get ready for it. And by “get ready” I mean “prepare my rear end for the abuse that is to come.” The trek takes place over three days, and the first two days are the longest rides. Each day, riders have the option of a short (30-35 mile) route or a long (60-65 mile) route to take through the country. I like to think that by the time of the trek I will be willing to give the longer ride a try, but let’s face it: I’ll probably be crying after about mile 20. So we will just see what happens.

This evening I hopped on Glenn’s old bike, which I plan to ride for the event, and took a short spin through the neighborhood. Probably about 6 miles, but with some decent hills. I just to wanted to get acquainted with the bike, to figure out if I want a new seat installed, and to see how far I have to go to get prepared for the big weekend.

Let’s just say I have some work ahead of me.

For more information about the Bike Trek to Shakertown, please visit THIS LINK.
In order to be eligible for the ride, I muse raise a minimum of $300 in donations to the American Lung Association. If you are interested in helping me reach (or surpass!) my fundraising goal, please visit my fundraising webpage where you can make your tax-deductible donation online.


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  1. Go for it!

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