Updates Galore

July 23, 2008

The week has been very busy, and seems even more so because Glenn is out of town on business until tomorrow night — so I’m doing a catch-all update to make up for a few days of nothing.

First, the garden. The garden continues to do very well although I am not sure of any particular reason why it should be so happy. I have already had to give away quite a few cucumbers to friends and neighbors, and my tomatoes are just now starting to come in with some regularity. The cherry tomatoes are everywhere and the larger varieties are coming along nicely. Here is a photo of what I picked from the garden on Friday. Be sure to note the tape measure next to the Gargantuan Cucumber at the bottom:

Yes, that one cucumber is 12 inches long and I estimated it at about 2 pounds in weight! For fun, I took this photo of it with Brent’s help:

And for the record, I cut in to that cucumber yesterday and it tasted every bit as good as any regular size cuke I have picked. A delicious freak of nature

Next, I was afraid that my hummingbird friend/s would have left the area after a few weeks with so much work going on at our house. But the last of the house painting was done last week and just yesterday I spotted not one but two hummingbirds jockeying for position at my feeder! I didn’t have my camera ready then, but I did catch another one at the feeder today.

And now, for the Dog News… Here is a current photo of Brody with his favorite green ball.

This is not an actual dog toy and it’s flimsy enough that he could chew it to bits if he wanted to… but he loves it, and he loves the sound it makes when he squishes it. He loves to fetch it and will do so all day long if you let him.

This afternoon I was taking a break and folding some laundry while watching a rerun of “King of the Hill.” Brody was in the room and suddenly started growling and barking at the screen. He even raised his paw in to the “pointing” position.

I never did figure out what he was looking at but I can only assume that there was something about the animation on the screen that was driving him a bit batty. He watched almost the entire episode while pacing the room and keeping an eye on things…

And finally, I thought I would snap a new photo to compare to my first “size comparison” photo from several months ago. (click for larger view)

Here is the original photo from when Brody was only about 7 weeks old:

And here is a photo shot today, with the same purse as a point of reference:


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