July 15, 2008

For several years we have had birds – usually robins – that choose to nest in the corners of our house, up under the eaves, right where the downspouts attach to the gutters. This year we had two active nests, one on each front corner of the house.

Yesterday we had some painters come over to paint our wood siding — a long overdue project that complements our Summer Of Spending Money On The House very well. In the afternoon as one of the guys was getting closer and closer to the front corner of our roof, it became apparent that we would need to relocate one nest that still had two fledgling robins inside. These little guys had been in the nest for a few weeks already, and frankly I had thought they had already flown off. But there they were, hunkered down and wondering what was going on. I have seen the mother hanging around a little bit, but she hasn’t been feeding them constantly or anything.

So we got a little box and put the nest in it with the babies inside. I decided to just put the whole box in the branches of some juniper bushes we have that are directly below the spot where the nest was. That way the mother could easily still find her babies, but our house painting project could continue.

I wondered if I had done the right thing, and this morning I stepped out to check on them. As I turned the corner where the box sat in the nest, there were the two birds perched next to each other right on the edge, looking out as if to say “OK, we’re ready to go!” These pics are worth clicking for the larger view. 🙂


One comment

  1. I think you’ve caught the bird-watching flu bug!

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