Fishy Tales

July 14, 2008

A few snapshots of some fishing activity that took place up at Conneaut Lake over the week of July 4th:

First… the 2008 award for the Smallest Fish To Be Caught Using A Line goes to none other than my nephew Sam! I think Sam’s hair weighs more than the fish.

Next, the Most Disproportionate Amount Of Pride Applied To One Small Fish Award goes to my son, Aaron. The cheesy grin is what clinched it…

And finally, the Book Learnin’ Will Get You Far In Life, Even In Fishing Award goes to my older son, Brent. On July 4th he caught 4 catfish like the one shown here:

I was not really sure how Brent became such an expert on fishing… I mean, he has only fished a handful of times in his life, and yet he was reeling in all sorts of big fish all that week. (Before I even arrived at the lake I heard that he had caught a few “bowfins” which all the kids promptly killed and buried in marked graves with full memorial services on the beach.) Anyway, I was kind of wondering what his secret was. And then I realized that I had caught this photo of him earlier in the afternoon on the day he caught all those catfish… he had come across someone’s tackle box that had a pamphlet about fishing, and while other kids were playing and swimming, Brent was getting a crash course in fishing knowledge. That’s my boy!


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