If I Lived There, I’d Try to Escape, Too.

July 10, 2008

Taken last week at the Pymatuning Spillway, which I have written about before. Click for a closer view of the would-be escapee.

News flash for all you fish lovers: starting January 1 of 2009, throwing bread to the fish will be strictly prohibited at the Spillway! It’s only a tradition that’s been around for 70-ish years, but apparently some people [who shall be nameless, but whose collective name sounds similar to “an iron mental list”] have been wringing their hands over what the bread is doing to the poor fishies and the water they live in. So get your moldy Wonderbread and get to the Spillway while you can still have some fun… the bread police will be on duty soon enough to steal your joy.

I predict a definite drop in business at the Spillway once everyone is forced to purchase fish food pellets.


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