We are now the proud owners of the Longest Set of Deck Stairs in Kentucky.

June 30, 2008

Or at least the neighborhood.

EIGHTEEN STEPS, people! EIGHTEEN. My mom is probably getting dizzy just looking at the photo.

Our deck furniture, our gas grill… all are probably very safe due to the fact that anyone who wanted to abscond with our possessions would be hindered by the sheer effort it would take just to get up to the top of the stairs. We are considering whether to put in a special refreshment station halfway up, just so friends can stop and get a drink before joining us for a cookout.

OK, really it’s not that bad. But, our new deck is very high off the ground… so we have a few extra steps than most people who have a deck off the second level of their house.

There is still a bit of mud to deal with… we plan to put down some grass seed this week.

Also, here is our new firepit, which our neighbor welded for me and which makes me the coolest lady on the block because of all the fabulous campfires I can have now:

All that remains is to replace our old sliding glass door with a new set of french doors that are on order at Lowes. In the meantime, I intend to break out some hot dogs and marshmallows and have myself a grand old time in my new and improved “outdoor living space.”



  1. Looks great! I know you’re really going to enjoy it!

  2. You are such a fine photo-grapher. I like to see what you see.

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