How Well Do You Type?

June 8, 2008

Happened to visit the “Addicting Games” site the other day (hadn’t been there in a long time), and came upon a new game called “Key Master.” So now I have something new to occupy my every waking thought when I’m not working… yes, the game truly is addicting!

In this game, your “guy” is in the center of the screen, and little monsters start coming at him from various places. Each monster has a word attached to it, and if you type that word, then your “guy” kills that monster. If you mistype the word, the monster just keeps coming at you until you get it right. So, the monsters start out attacking slowly, but after you get through a few levels the onslaught becomes much more difficult to subdue. The faster you can type, the better off you will be! Also, along the way, there are bonus things to pick up… like different types of keys, “heal potions” and the ever popular “super nova” (if you are being bombarded by monsters and cannot type fast enough, you can use the super nova to annihilate everything on the screen at once). Basically, if you see something, you just type in the name of whatever it is to either kill it or acquire it.

Fun, challenging way to brush up on your typing skills. Give it a try! Click here to go to the Key Master game.


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