Look Ma, No Deck!

May 25, 2008

This weekend we demolished our old deck. We are making way for a new patio and deck out back that I hope should be in place by around the end of June or beginning of July.

The deck we lived with for 8 years now was laughably awful. We always knew it was in kind of bad shape, but once the wood started coming apart we could really see just how bad it was. Lots of water damage, rotten wood, and the like. It’s amazing that it was still standing, really, considering the condition it was in.

Big thanks go to our most excellent neighbors: David, Dewayne, and Jehoshaphat. We had made some plans with David to help us with the project, but this afternoon Jehoshaphat and Dewayne also spontaneously pitched in a couple hours of hard work prying up floor boards and schlepping lumber around the yard. It’s neighbors like this that make you never, ever want to move. We have it good over here!

Scroll through the series of photos to get a good idea of the progression of things. Click on any photo for a larger view along the way:

[note: “stairs of death” on the left side in these photos.]

That’s David helping Glenn pry up the last of the upper floorboards. The stairs were just about to collapse at this point… but careful strategizing by David allowed them to navigate the steps one last time before it was GONE.

[note: we are now the official owners of one DANGER DOOR, top center]

Once we got the upper level down, we all helped pry up the lower level floorboards. In the end we revealed the original (small/pathetic) concrete pad and walkway that must have come with the house when it was built in 1976:

And now we have a beautiful pile of debris at the end of our driveway!

The house looks bigger with that old eyesore cleared out of the way….

A new decorative concrete patio should be poured in about a week!



  1. WOW! It is really gone, and how great that there were so many to help. Now, Laura, show me a picture, from the inside, of the kitchen door – locked tight, barricaded, or whatever…..


  2. Nice Danger Door and lumber pile. Hope you all are current on your tetanus boosters.

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