Brody’s Job.

May 25, 2008

We try to take Brody to our neighborhood park to get a good long walk as many days as we can each week. We have to go at least 3 or 4 miles in order to get him sufficiently tired. While we are there, he is able to be off leash a bit to run in the big areas of greenspace. And when he is off leash, his self-appointed job is to rid the park of any birds that dare to land within his sight.

It has been fun to watch him as he starts to use more and more of his particular instincts to hunt and chase birds. At first he would just be happy to take off running after any bird he saw. But in the past week or so he has really started “sneaking” up on the birds he sees. He spots one and immediately lowers his body, his back and tail in a perfectly straight line, and tries to creep quickly to a spot he feels is close enough – then he bursts forward at full speed to try to catch the bird.

Here’s a pretty good shot of him in action. The bird in the upper right was just taking off as I snapped the photo.


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