Rhubarb Haiku

May 22, 2008

O happy rhubarb,
I have tried to kill you but
you thrive on neglect.

Your stalks yield too much
tangy goodness for one girl
to keep up with well.

How I love your pies!
But the guys do not love them,
so I eat alone.

Does anyone want
to join the rhubarb fan club
and eat pie with me?



  1. I’d like to sign up for the rhubarb club. Some people think of spring as a time of flowers. Some may think of new baby animals or warm sunny days. Me? I just want to get my rhubarb on! I join you in a tip of the pie fork to that wonderful, odd stalk that brings us so much pleasure.

    P.S. Rhubarb-strawberry pie is OK, but the strawberries get in the way of that rhubarb flavor!

  2. Oh, that I could come
    and imbibe the tart delight
    to my heart’s content.

    How I love to turn
    my mouth inside-out and then
    chase it with ice cream!

    I shall sit and weep
    Dreaming of your great fortune.
    My wife hates it too!

  3. Rhubarb…oh, how I miss it…pie, sauce, cake…whatever, as long as it’s pure rhubarb. I did find some beautiful stalks a month ago in the local market and made a huge pie (yes, almost everything grows in Hawaii). The only trouble is that everyone in this family loves rhubarb pie, so I had to share and it lasted about a day! Stock your freezer and I’ll come to visit and share with just you!
    PS When Grandma and I were in Finland, Uncle Oskar picked fresh rhubarb from his garden and made a sweet sauce for us. He strained the cooked stalks, then sweetened and thickened the juice with potato flour. Next day, Grandma made real rhubarb sauce, which he decided was just okay though a little stringy….everyone to his own taste.

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