Bunny Mug

May 17, 2008

Today is the day of our neighborhood’s annual garage sale. Everyone is pulling out stuff to get rid of… except us. This year we just have too many other things going on, and we don’t have the time to really participate. The boys have brought out some of their old toys and things and are trying to make a few dollars, but Glenn and I didn’t put out any “big” items this year.

Of course, for the boys, half the fun of Garage Sale Day is going around to their other friends’ houses and seeing what little trinkets they can buy with their nickels and dimes.

And our boys are so thoughtful. I mean, they have shown us on many occasions that they are willing to spend their own money to buy something that they think Mommy and Daddy would like or find useful. It’s touching, really.

Why, just a few minutes ago, Aaron came running in to the house very excited. You see, he knows how much Daddy likes coffee mugs. And when he was down the street at a friend’s house this morning, he was delighted to find out that she had some coffee mugs for sale! So he spent 50¢ and bought one. He chose this particular one because it has “a cute bunny on it.”



  1. Send help….cannot stop laughing…

  2. Aren’t boys wonderful? Just think of all the lovely years and questions you have to look forward to!

  3. What fun! I’d use it every day.

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