A Few of My Favorite Things III

May 2, 2008

I am not a big jewelry person.

I have always been somewhat of a tomboy. Other than a certain number of “little girl” bracelets or necklaces when I was young, I really never wore much jewelry growing up. For the most part, it would have gotten in the way of my normal daily routine of playing soccer, riding my bike everywhere, getting dirty, or playing with GI Joes (which is a story for another day).

I never had my ears pierced and never will. I personally see no need for me to volunteer for that sort of pain, just so that I would then feel obligated to spend money on things to put in the resulting holes. If you’ve got your ears or anything else pierced, more power to ya… it’s just not my cup of tea.

Generally speaking, even when I do wear jewelry, it is rarely something that exists just for the purpose of embellishing my appearance. If I am going to wear something, I want it to have some sort of meaning that makes it special to me. I want to be able to say “this is the ring my husband picked out for me,” or “this is a pendant my Dad brought back for me from his trip to Egypt” (yes, Dad, I still have that gold charm you bought me years ago). My current “jewelry wardrobe” consists of my wedding and engagement rings, my college class ring, a birthstone necklace, and the necklace shown above

The cross was actually a gift that the boys picked out for me for my birthday about 2 years ago. It came to me on a regular chain, and I wore it quite a bit when I was dressing up for church or the like. I wanted to wear it more often, but the length of the chain was just not quite right to work with most of the shirts I wear. Also, I felt like I wanted something with just a little more “oomph” to it, because just having the cross on a simple thin chain meant it kind of disappeared up against some of my church outfits.

Several months ago I went to my friend Sheila Stephan’s to look at her selection of beads. Sheila has her own custom jewelry business, “beadtique,” which she operates from her house. I had heard about it for a long time but had never gone out to see all her wares (once again, I’m not a jewlery person!). I had done some design work for her… created a logo for her business, set up some business cards, etc… and she wanted to let me create a piece of jewelry in exchange for my services.

I spent a morning out at Sheila’s chatting and picking through her vast selection of beads and charms, and together we created the necklace shown above. Or, more correctly, I chose the beads I liked the best, and Sheila did all the work of putting it together with the nifty chain and the filler beads and so forth. And I am very pleased with the end result! I have this unique necklace that is a combination of a special gift from my boys, a symbol of my faith, and an expression of my own creativity – all wrapped into one!

My only dilemma now is, since it is not just a simple gold or silver necklace anymore, it is actually more likely to clash with certain shirts I might wear. I need to rebuild my wardrobe now, based on how well any new purchases might complement my necklace!

Thanks, Sheila, for helping me make this cool piece of jewelry. I plan to be back soon, to make something else in a different color scheme. Who knows? You might make a girly girl out of me, yet. 🙂



  1. Beautiful necklace. I have several thing Sheila has done. She is incredibly talented. If she make a girly gilr out of you she will be a magician! 🙂

  2. Ya know you think you know some people ! I loved reading about you and learning more about you but wanted to say that you are so right about Sheila. I have given many of my family and friends gifts that Sheila has made and they treasure them because they are one of a kind and beautiful. My thanks to Sheila for making my “gift giving” life soooo much easier but also to Laura for sharing her life and friendship with us !

  3. Laura,
    You are too kind! What a surprise to see a picture of your necklace on your blog! It was so much fun to take the special cross your boys had given you, and then design and create a nice unique piece that you would get a lot more wear and use out of. You did a fine job of picking out all the beads. It was fun to work with you and give just a little something back after all the talent you have blessed me with by doing my biz cards, etc. We make a great team! You rock!!

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