Raven Run

April 28, 2008

Yesterday afternoon was my very first visit to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary. I have known about the park for many years, but have never gone to see it. It is only a few minutes outside of Lexington, and only about a 20 minute drive from our house.

I just drove out there for a brief exploratory visit, to see if the boys might enjoy hiking there some afternoon. Information available online says that the park has about 10 miles worth of trails, including one that goes to an overlook of the Kentucky River. I have also heard and read that there are lots of great wildflowers, and I wanted to get some new photos to use to create some slides for church on Sunday morning (sometimes they need something “pretty” to look at during certain times of the service, as well as some slides with the church logo imposed on a nice background image).

I was very pleased to find that the park keeps nice, clearly marked and well-maintained trails. After our last hiking trip a few weeks ago, I was not sure that my oldest son would ever go hiking again unless there were paved trails with big yellow arrows painted every few feet, pointing the way through the woods. 🙂 But I am sure that the trails at Raven Run would suit him just fine, and I plan to get the whole family out there soon.

Below are some thumbnails of a few slides I created using some of the shots I took yesterday:


One comment

  1. Your slides are great. I’m sure they’ll be nice to look at during the prelude (assuming that’s what they’re for).
    I’ve been to Raven Run once. It seems like we hiked forever on a narrow path between fields of very tall wildflowers and weeds with thousands of butterflies. It was nice.

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